Monday, May 24, 2010

The Finals...

Hello! Well, it's all come down to this, folks. The finals. THE FINALS! The last slam of the season and the slam that decides the Victoria team for 2010, who will represent our town at the National Slam, held this year in Ottawa during the Canadian Festival of Spoken Word in October.


a) if a poet placed first or second during a second round at any slam, they qualified for finals...
b) due to a low turnout of poets during the first 3 months of the slam (Jan-March), it was decided that if a poet got into the second round at any slam, they also qualified for finals...


In descending order, from highest scoring to lowest, the poets who qualified to compete in the finals are as follows:

Jeremy Loveday
Justin Illien
Dave Morris
Megan Ann Ward
Jen Jones
Jane Bee
Kristy Westendorp
Steven J Thompson
Matthew Christopher Davidson
Derek Ford
Brad B
Garth von Buchholz
Wes Lord

Contestants will be contacted and informed of the rules, as well as the responsibilities and requirements that membership on the Slam Team entails.


The finals decide the Victoria Slam Team for 2010. That's four poets, plus one alternate.

First Round
12 poets - random order

Second Round
Top 8 poets - random order

Third Round (bonus round to decide "champion")
Top 4 poets - random order

The alternate will be the fifth ranked poet coming out of the second round.


A competing poet may use all and any original work, including any piece(s) they have slammed with during the regular season.

That's it for now from all of us here at VicSlam Central! See you out on June 8 for one of the best nights of spoken word on the Island! 'S gonna be a heartbreaker!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Slam Scores for May!

Well damn, son. Another 11 poets competed last night at VicSlam and with the randomly selected judges proving themselves both brutal and consistent, the competition was tight! The show was so exciting, in fact, that the host became moderately flustered; the feature Electric Jon was a pleasantly schizophrenic whirlwind of sound n fury; and the top performers walked away with outmoded entertainment media storage devices (movies on VHS tapes! Score!). Here are the top 5 poets who made it into the second round, in order of their awesomeness.

1st place: Jane Bee 54.9
2nd place: Jeremy Loveday 52.7
3rd place: Matthew Christopher Davidson 51.3
4th place: Dave Morris 48.2
5th place: Garth von Buchholz 48.0

Over the next few days, we will be crunching ALL the numbers from the season and compiling the list of performers for the Finals in June. Watch this space for that and other VicSlam related goodness!