Monday, April 22, 2013


Hello everyone!  

This year we have added a semi-finals component to our tournament.  This show is happening on May 16th, at the Victoria Event Centre (1415 Broad St.) Doors will be at 7:30, with the show starting at 8.  

Semi-Finals will be a two round bout, with 12 poets.  Each poet will slam in both rounds, and after adding the scores from the two rounds, we will determine which poets make up our top 8, and they will be moving on to finals.  All regular slam rules apply.  

Poems performed this season can once again be performed.  Poets may not repeat the poems they perform at Semis, at Finals.  We have also added the condition that any poem performed on our Semi-Finals stage, or Finals stage, can not be repeated at future Finals, and Semi-Finals.  Without further ado, here are the 12 poets who will be competing on May 16th.

Jeremy Loveday
Matthew Christopher Davidson
Johnny Macrae
shayne avec i grec
Morgan Purvis
Talen Rimmer
Tom Fowler
Keenan Proud
Pamela Stewart
Jacob Arts
Portia Elan
Aysia Law

See you all on May 16th!

-Vic Slam
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Friday, April 19, 2013

Post April Slam Blog, Scores and Updated Standings

Last night we had our final qualifying slam of the season, and it was a big one.  Congratulations to our (for a second time this year) TIED for 1st poets, Jeremy Loveday and Matthew Christopher Davidson (a.k.a the Roadside Dogs)  Fourteen poets competed looking to secure one of the 12 spots at Semi-Finals happening on May 16th.  Poets will be contacted regarding their placement, and the line-up will be announced pending everyone's availability to compete.

A huge thank you to all the poets who slammed last night, and to all who have hit the microphone since September!  Another huge thank you to everyone who has come out to cheer on these artists all year, and thanks to Solstice Cafe for being our home this season! Without further ado, here are the scores from last night's slam.

Round One
S: Ben - 21.5
Naomi Wilde - 18.8
Matt Loeb - 22.2
Pam Stewart - 22.9
Jeremy Loveday - 27.6
May Bunda - 23.1
Talen Rimmer - 24.9
Kahli-Ann Douglas - 21.2
Suzi Dickinson - 18.3
Matthew Christopher Davidson - 25.8
Erin Cotton - 24.6
Jacob Arts - 23.9
Morgan Purvis - 27.0
Nancy Y. - 22.9
Tom Fowler - 23.4

Round Two
Jeremy Loveday - 26.3 - 53.9
Morgan Purvis - 26.3 - 53.3
Matthew Christopher Davidson - 28.1 - 53.9
Talen Rimmer - 26.0 - 50.9
Erin Cotton - 26.8 - 51.4

Final Season Standings
Jeremy Loveday - 11 points
Erin Cotton - 7.5 points
Johnny Macrae - 6.5 points
Matthew Christopher Davidson - 5 points
Morgan Purvis - 5 points
shayne avec i grec - 4.5 points
Keenan Proud - 4.5 points
Steven J Thompson - 4 points
Savannah - 4 points
Audrey Cockett - 2.5 points
Pamela Stewart - 1.5 points
Jacob Arts - 1 point
Tom Fowler - .5 point
Portia Elan - .5 point
Aysia Law - .5 point
Rose Jang - .5 point
Talen Rimmer - .5 point

Congratulations to Jeremy Loveday for finishing at the top of the standings at the end of the season!

As it stands, this list does not reflect those that will be participating at Semi-Finals, as people may have left, and some may not be able to participate in the tournament in May. The list will be posted as soon as all 12 have confirmed they are able to attend! 

Thanks again for a terrific season!

-Vic Slam
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