Monday, November 21, 2011

Season Standings

As next month is the Indies, and the end of 2011, I thought it might be useful to check on our season standings.

First, I'd like to thank everyone for supporting the slams this fall. It was the first time we've started this early in the season, and I think with 11 poets over 3 slams making the second round it's been an unqualified success!

So, without further ado - the standings so far:
Jacob Arts with 4.5
Tied for SECOND: Mak Konwick, Matthew Christopher Davidson and Jeremy Loveday with 4.0
Skawt Chonzz with 2.5
Keenan Proud with 2.0
Tied for FOURTH: Dave Morris, Marie Specht, Kaizan and Rick Lief with 0.5

That's a lot of ties, and a good reminder that the more you slam, the more you make the second round, the higher your standing will be. So start practicing.

And reminder that the Indies DO NOT count towards your standings. It is a separate and invitation only event.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

November Slams - Scores

Huge thanks to guest host and veteran spoken word artist Shayne Avec i Grec for rocking out the show, and to all the new poets who braved the stage this month. Hope to see you again in January. And huge congrats to Matthew Christopher Davidson for winning the slam this month and advancing to the Indies.

Quick reminder before we get to the scores that next month, December is the Invitational Indies and not a regular slam. So come out and cheer as 8 poets battle for the title. December 15th - check out the facebook event here:

And now to the scores:
Marie Specht R1: 24.5
Katie Penty R1: 24.5
Scott Chonzz R1: 26.1 R2: 26.4 Total: 52.5 Place: 5 Points: 0.5
Mak Konwick R1: 25.2
Sam Glieve R1: 25.9 R2: 27.2 Total: 53.1 Place 3 Points: 1
Alex Nelson R1: 24.1
Denny Salvadore R1: 24
Alchemy Roseblade R1: 24.3
William Brown R1: 21.6
Kaizan R1: 26.8 R2: 25.9 Total: 52.7 Place: 4 Points: 0.5
Jeremy Loveday R1: 26.7 R2: 27.3 Total: 54.0 Place: 2 Points: 2
Matthew Christopher Davidson R1: 26.2 R2: 27.9 Total: 54.1 Points:4

See you for the Indies next month!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Indies: The Rundown

Vic Slam's second annual Invitational Indies are coming up December 15th and there's a lot on the line. The winner will take home the title, the $200 in cash AND get a spot on the national stage at the Vancouver National Individual Slam Championship in April.

So Who Got Invited?
We invited everyone in Victoria who has been on a slam team for the last 3 years, as well as the winners from the 2011 Sept, Oct and Nov slams.

This means that every poet who on stage will have been veted as a winner by YOU, the audience in the past.

Who's Competing?
We had 8 amazing poets accept the challenge and they are already training hard. They are (in no particular order):

Keenan Proud, Slam Team Member 2011
Justin McGrail, Slam Team Member 2011
Scott Thompson, Slam Team Member 2011
Matthew Davidson, Slam Team Member 2009-11

Jeremy Loveday, Victoria Indie Slam Champ 2010
Skawt Chonzz, Slam Team Member 2009
Mak Konwick, Vic Slam September 2011 Winner
Jacob Arts, Vic Slam October 2011 Winner

What Poems Can They Do?
Poets can use ANY poem they want, including repeats of poems from the regular season. But it must be their original work - all the slam rules still apply: no costumes, music or nudity (that's another show!).

What is the Format?
There will be 4 bare-knuckle rounds of competition. No elimintion, which means that everyone will compete in every round.

4 minute round
1 minute round
2 minute round
3 minute round

10 second grace for all rounds, with standard penalties for going over time. Poets do not need to use the full time (as per a regular slam) but there will be standard penalties for going over time.

Vic Slam Invitational Indies
Thursday, December 15, 2011
Cabin 12, 607 Pandora
Doors @7:30, $5 @ the door

Check out the event on facebook: