Tuesday, August 23, 2011

CFSW 2011

Here's the first press release from CFSW 2011 in Toronto - great line-up of features and events!

Next fundraiser to help the Vic Slam Team get to the festival is September 1 - Instant Slam.

The 2011 Canadian Festival of Spoken Word in Toronto October 11 to 15

TORONTO - Toronto Poetry Project and Spoken Word Canada (SPOCAN) are proud to present the 2011 Canadian Festival of Spoken Word (CFSW) taking place Oct 11 to 15 in various venues in downtown Toronto. This annual festival features the top talent in the national spoken word community.

Poets from Victoria to Halifax will take part in Toronto for he country's largest spoken word festival. In the evening, 20 poetry slam teams will compete in spoken word competitions known as poetry slams. Daytime events will include workshops and showcases ideal for anyone interested in literary arts.

“Spoken word is one of the most popular literary art forms in the world, for a reason,” notes David Silverberg, artistic director of the Canadian Festival of Spoken Word and producer of Toronto Poetry Slam. “This kind of poetry is visceral and hits you right in the heart. Toronto is very lucky to host the CFSW this year, because for a full week talented poets from coast to coast will give us their best work.”

The week kicks off in style with The Legends Showcase, at the Drake Hotel Underground in honour of pioneers of spoken word who helped transform the art form. The Oct 11 opening showcase will feature performances by dub poet Lillian Allen, spoken word educator Andrea Thompson, the "Mama of Dada" Sheri-D Wilson, beatboxer/poet Eddy Da Original One and Vancouver slam legend RC Weslowski.

On Wednesday evening and beyond, the competition begins with bouts at downtown Toronto performance venues Trane Studio and 918 Bathurst, and will progress to a semi-finals competition at the Royal Cinema. The Finals on Oct. 15 will take place at Metropolitan United Church and will include special performances by Poets of Honour Robert Priest and d’bi young.
Late night events include HipHop Karaoke, Haiku Head-to-Head Battle, Poetic Music Showcase and a massive after-party on Oct. 15.

Thousands of people are expected to take in the CFSW festivities throughout the week, making this festival one of the most exciting spoken word events in the country.

For more information on the 2011 Canadian Festival of Spoken Word, call 416-312-3865. Interviews and photography can be arranged upon request. Ticket information is available by emailing info@torontopoetryslam.com

Monday, August 22, 2011

Upcoming Shows: September

For the first time ever (in Victoria) we're starting the Slams up in September. So that means there's a lot of poetic happenings, well, happening.

Here's what up this month:
September 1 - Instant Slam, The Well
Fundraiser for the Vic Slam Team. Fun and silly show, write and perform a poem all in one night.

September 15 - Vic Slam, Cabin 12
First slam of the new season! Bring your best and dress to impress (it rhymes).

September 22 - Vic Slam Team feature at Tongues of Fire, Solstice Cafe
The 'Dudes' will be showing off what they've been working on all summer. Check them out!

September 26 - The Best of Poetry in the Raw
The final nude poetry show - not to be missed. Also a fundraiser for the Vic Slam Team.

Find all the events info on the Vic Slam facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=249895818376272

Sign Up Change

So last season we had the happy problem of too many poets and not enough spots. We adopted the sign up system followed in Van of the first 5 spots guaranteed and the rest random draw.

However - there was a lot of unsportsmanlike pushing and shoving and gnashing of teeth - so in an effort to make Slam safe and fun for everyone all the time, we'll be doing random draw for all 12 spots.

Slam starts again September 15!