Monday, April 23, 2018

March and April

Quick catch up! places 1st to last for April and March

April 2018 

Jeremy Loveday - 29.2+29.2 + 58.4
on the bathroom wall/dear death metal
William- 29.8+28.4=58.2
it’s time i admit/i approached you
Lizzy Rose - 28.6+29=57.6
this is a love poem/woke up in the future
Sol- 27.7+29.7=57.4
ghosts/bird window splat
Emily- 29.5+27.7+57.2
my father/mother/brother//my best friend
Patrick-this expectation 27.4
Scott - here I am (LONG) 26.2
Tom - dispatches from the edge 25.8

March 2018 - (February Slam cancelled due to snow)

Juniper Mae Gittens - 27.2 + 26.9 = 54.1
dear groups of drunk men on city sidewalks/the thread of your own history
Jeremy Loveday -26.2 + 27.7 = 53.9
an old mask on young man/the yellow lone divides more than the road
Dana Neily - 26 + 27.8 = 53.8
everything is a little off kilter- migraine/am i happy?
Sol Schaefer - 26.8 + 27.2 = 53.5
when the revolution comes/in 1,000 years
Jenna North - 26.4 + 26.5 = 52.9
cemetery thoughts/young girl sits on a bus
Bazz Newton - 25.4
I'm not naïve
Kelsey Claire -25.3
dear 16 your old self
David Bell -25.2
sometimes not feeling well
Asiza -24.5
in another universe we are lovers

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Jan Slam 2018!

Happy New Year to our millions of readers around the globe!

Our January Slam went as follows-

Round One-

Daniel Belkin-sac coconuts
Kathleen Miniely just you, just sweaty, just us, just…
Dana Neily I rebuilt this house, not from…
Juniper Gittens open your mouth
David  I wish I could say that you're perfect
Margaret epiphany- change the world
Snowy not here

Round Two-

Snowy lover's conundrum
Juniper Gittens at 21 I am just now learning my body
Dana Neily neurotypical
David Bell the bathroom
Kathleen Miniely she saw her in the hour before the body
Margaret if there is no God


Dana Neily - 24.6 + 27.9 = 52.5
Snowy - 27.1 + 24.8 = 51.9
Juniper Mae Gittens - 25.3 + 24.3  = 49.6
Kathleen Miniely - 23.3 + 24.8  = 48.1
Margaret -  22.5 + 25 = 47.5

see you at Slam, can't wait for CIPS Qualifier on January 31st!

Friday, December 8, 2017

December 2017 Vic Slam Results

Hello again,
Please note that points for the season are available on the FB page.

Slam results for the December 6th Slam, featuring Pamela Stewart are as follows-

SJ Valiquette - 28.8+27.4 = 56.2
tell me I’m pretty/inhale-exhale

Margaret - 26.9+28.5 = 55.4
Scrabble as alleghory/this is an indiscretion

Juniper Mae Gittens- 27+27.9 = 54.9
my yellow sweater/this small god

AlltogetherLisa - 27.7+27.1 = 54.8
you don’t act like an Indian/this is a happy poem

Olivia K - 27.1+26.8 = 53.9
i bought myself an axe/polyamory

Marie Specht - 25.7 a call to arms (overtime)

Julia Albano - 24.7 the walls around my heart

Annie Lepage - 24.2
passing you book recomm. thru your best friend because I can’t handle talking to you

November 2017 Slam results

Results from the November 15th 207 Vic Slam are as follows-

5 persons signed up to slam that night.

Jenna - 26.8+27.9 = 54.7 
i walked into Urban Outfitters in NYC/Haida Gwaii 

Dana Neily- 27+26.8 = 53.8 
he tells me his depression is getting worse/fictional bodies 

AlltogetherLisa- 24.7+28.6 = 53.3 
the man she wanted New Year’s Day/pussy 

Julia Albano - 24.5+27.3 = 51.8 
to the people embracing eack other on the hilltop/craving souls 

Annie Lepage -26.9+20.9 = 47.8 
my pussy is like an ark/twitter rant

Friday, October 20, 2017

October Slam Results 2017

We had ourselves an amazing and quiet slam this week.

First round-
Juniper Mae-26.8

Second round
Juniper Mae-27.2

Final Scores
Juniper Mae-54

I sure do love the October Slam!

Thursday, September 21, 2017

2017- September Slam Results

Here we are, September 2017 already and we had our first Vic Slam of the season last night.

The 11 poets who signed up to compete at our mic were-

Daniel Belkin
Tom Fowler
Brady Tighe
Marie Specht
Sarah Wilson
Kelsey Claire
Olivia Kompter
Brigid Mueller
Hilly Somerville
Tanya Christie
Juniper Mae 

Final scores from 1st to 5th place were as follows- with points for the season-
Hilly Somerville -5 points
Marie Specht - 4 points
Juniper Mae - 3 points
Sarah Wilson - 2 points
Brigid Mueller - 1 point

Hope to see more new faces again at the next Slam, October 18!

2017 Slam Team Chosen

Hello all,

On May 17th 2017, at the Ambrosia Centre in downtown Victoria, we held our Slam Team Finals.
I, your blogger, was in Japan at the time, and am finally updating this page now, a wee bit late, but that's as may be.

Slam Finals Competitors were, in order of first round-
Catherine Garrett
Pamela Stewart
Tanya Christie
Jeremy Loveday
Dana Neily
Sarah Wilson

We're sending 4 poets to Peterborough this year, after a short slam season of only 4 slams, due to another loss of venue, which is now corrected since we found the wonderful Caffe Fantastico.

The 4 poets who won Slam Finals are, from 1st place to 4th-
Jeremy Loveday
Tanya Christie
Pamela Stewart
Sarah Wilson

Tanya Christie stepped down and Catherine Garrett, who came in 5th, has taken her place.
We wish them all the best at the 2017 CFSW.