Thursday, March 17, 2011

Scores -- March Slam...

Hello! Skawt Chonzz here, Fill-in Slam Master for the March Edition of VicSlam. Missie's away in Berlin. Gosh, but that was a St Paddy's Day poetic throwdown not to be missed. I'm all over-stimulated now. What? Oh right, the scores. Here they be, lads n lassies! Loveday and Mother Tareka tied for 5th in the first round, so we had 6 poets go through to round 2, but the final four ended up lookin like ah-so...

Jeremy Loveday R1: 25.4 R2: 28.2 Total: 53.6 Place: 4 Points: 0.5
Anne Petitclerc R1: 28.2 R2: 27.5 Total: 55.7 Place: 3 Points: 1
Shayne Avec I Grec R1: 29.2 R2: 27.2 Total: 56.4 Place: 2 Points: 2
Scott Thompson R1: 27.6 R2: 29.2 Total: 56.8 Place: 1 Points: 4

Congratulations to all the fine performers tonight! It's you and your words and the way that you say them that make VicSlam what it is (ie. awesome)... I was pleased and humbled to help facilitate the space -- physical, mental, spiritual -- that is our beautiful poetry scene! Thanks, too, to all our volunteers and the good folk at Cabin 12 for hosting us. See you next month for VicSlam - April on Thursday the 21st! Missie will be back... I expect sighs of relief, people!

shove and defection...

skawt chonzz

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Victoria Poets head to VIP in April

Well, we knew that Victoria was sending Jeremy Loveday as our Indie Champ to the Vancouver International Poetry Festival (VIP) in April. But we've just found out he's not the only one going from the island...

Both Matthew Christopher Davidson and Megan Ann Ward have been accepted as storm poets in the competition. For the full list of storm poets:

Matthew Christopher Davidson is a member of the 2010 and 2011 Slam Teams and the future artistic director of Tongues of Fire.

Megan Ann Ward is a member of the 2011 Slam Team and the Volunteer Coordinator for Tongues of Fire.

We wish them both, and the Loveday the best of luck!

For more on VIP visit