Saturday, December 20, 2014

Points Tallied End of December 2014

The September - December Vic Slam Results are in.
Thank you to everyone who braves the microphone and shares themselves and their words with us.
We're looking forward to the unfolding of more words and the flourishing of ever more spoken word artists as our community continues to grow.

This is a tally of everyone's points from the first 4 Slams of the 2014-2015 Season-

Elysia Glover 7
Jeremy Loveday 4
Audrey Lane Cockett 4
Aaron Simm 4
Maita Cienska 4
Annie LePage 3
Scott Thompson 2
Tom Fowler 1.5
Max D'Ambrosio 1
SJ Valequette 1

Erin Cotton .5
Morgan Purvis-Bellamano .5
Zoe Duhaime .5
Shahin Mohammadi .5
Danielle Aftias .5

As usual, let me know if you suspect an error or if I have misspelled a name.

Friday, December 19, 2014

December Slam Results

Ah, the last Slam of 2014.
The house was not full but there was a lovely crowd.
Jacob was the most beautiful host of the night.
The staff at Lacey Lou's took their usual good care of us, and even helped us with scoring a little.

We had a tie for first place last night. So here's how the points came out-

Maita Cienska and Elysia Glover  4 and 4
SJ Valiquette  1
Max D'Ambrosio  .5
Danielle  .5

We have the February, March and April Slams for you to rack up points towards qualifying to the Semi-Finals and Finals in May.

Happy Holidays to those who are celebratory...