Sunday, April 20, 2014


Hello All You Lovely Readers, If Any,

I have tallied the numbers and these are the Season Standings!!!!

Also, dates for the semi-finals and finals would be good to know, right? Thus, Thursday May 15th is semi-finals and Friday May 30th is finals night. Both of these events will take place at the Victoria Event Centre aka the VEC which is at 1415 Broad Street. I'll find out the time and add that in here soon.
Thanks and cheers!

Jeremy Loveday 10
Matthew Christopher Davidson 8
Audrey Lane Cockett 7
Scott Thompson 5
Shayne avec i grec 4.5
Emily 4
Keenan Proud 4

Pamela Stewart 3
Tom Fowler 2.5
Jared Cotton 2.5
Elysia 2
Jacob Arts 2
Johnny MacRae 2

Annie 1.5
Erin Cotton 1.5
Kelsey Burns 1
Kieran/Peter 1
Sam Faraday 1
JJ 0.5
Maita 0.5
Max Cekota 0.5

Friday, April 18, 2014


Hello Poetry Fans,
Wow! It was a heated night at the Solstice Cafe as 13 poets showed up to try to garner some points in the last Slam before semi-finals and finals in May. We steamed up the Cafe and I for one am rather hoarse from all the hooting and hollering that went on.
We had a lot of wonderful poets and pieces tonight. And a lot of noise. And wonderful Solstice support. And a rented PA system. And Erin Cotton was the most perfect host in the room. Many thanks to all the volunteers who make all this possible. Here's a list of the poets in both rounds and the places the winners took.

Round One Poets

Jeremy Loveday
Morgan Purvis
Kelsey Claire
Dia Davina
Stephen J. Thompson
Tom Fowler
Scott Thompson
Jared Cotton

Round Two

Scott Thompson came in 1st
Jared Cotton tied for 2nd place
Tom Fowler tied for 2nd place
Annie Le Page in 3rd place
Maita in 4th place

As always, please let me know if I misspell your name:)