Thursday, December 17, 2015

Points for the Slam Season, late December

alphabetically and added together- and also from high to low, the points thus far!

Aaron     5
Annie   2
Anomaly 5
Bryce   1
Candace   5 + 4 = 9
Catherine 2 + 4 = 6
Juniper Mae 3
Kathleen   1 + 2 = 3
Margaret 5 + 2 = 7
Matthew   1
Pamela     4 + 3 + 4 = 11
Steven J.  3
Tom     3 + 1 = 4

high to low points-

Pamela     11
Candace   9
Margaret  7
Catherine 6
Aaron   5
Anomaly  5
Tom   4
Steven J   3
Juniper Mae 3
Kathleen 3
Annie   2
Bryce   1
Matthew   1

December Slam 2015

Hello Gentle Readers,

Tonight at Solstice Cafe we held our final slam of 2015.

Rose, lover of all things llama, hosted the event, and we had but 5 competitors this evening.
This means all 5 poets performed in both rounds.

Anomaly - in 14 hours- music history- 27.8
i have to lose 30 pounds by autumn (tree) 27.8  = 55.6

Catherine Garrett- forgive me if i'm blunt (hockey) - 21.8
i was born to 2 honest-to-God broken people - 28.1  = 49.9

Steven J. Thompson - effing poets - 25.5
a poem about my 40th birthday - 22.7  = 48.2

Margaret - beautiful you - 23.8
revelations - 23.7 = 47.5

Tom Fowler- the doomsday clock is rusted still - 18.1
succulent abacus - 20.7   = 38.8

Thanks for coming out, see you in the new year, and points will be posted soon.

Friday, November 20, 2015

November 2015 Slam Results

Hello Readers,

Last night we held our 3rd Vic Slam of the 2015-2016 Season.
We had a big crowd and 15 poets signed up to slam.
Our lovely host Rose drew 12 name slips from a cup to ascertain our roster for the evening.

The results, and first lines/gists of pieces are as follows-

Aaron - 27.4 + 26.5 = 53.9
Winnipeg-IF Day/craigslist roommate wanted
Pamela - 25.8 + 27.2 = 53
i have never been a poet-Mother/wise woman
Juniper Mae - 26.3 + 26.2 = 52.5
a lullaby for 2nd growth forests/my heart she is a wolf
Kathleen - 26.6 + 25.6 = 52.2
she is born with the weight of shared ancestry/temp nature of yr affections
Matthew - 27 + 24.8 = 51.8
i don't wanna say what i'm about to say/nothing lives in me anymore
Zainab - 25.8 + 16.9 = 42.7
muslim couple walking down street/timeline scenes at different ages
Steven J - 25.5
this is a dance poem
Liam - 25.3
it starts but it won't end
Gayle - 24.5
if i could shelter you with my love
Daniel - 24.4
beer pong-bro-racy
Eimi - 24.4
i hate flakes
Joshua - 24.1
my purpose in life is not to die

Until next time.

Friday, October 16, 2015

October 2015 Slam Results

Last night was pretty fab. A room full of fine folk.
A full sheet of 12 poets, including several newbies and of course several veterans.

The results are as follows-

Margaret - 27.4 + 27.7 = 55.1
Venus/this is an indiscretion
Candace - 26.1 + 27.5 = 53.6
you walk around-social justice warrior/how depression is like a superpower
Pamela - 27.3 + 26.1 = 53.4
please don't ever let me be the cover girl/to my lover's lover
Annie - 25.2 + 27.3 = 52.5
the beauty of fire/my people are the people of...
Bryce - 25.2 + 26.4 = 51.6
blessings from the clinton admin/less than 3
Beatnik Batman - 24.9
stocks of old brown beans
Zane - 24.8
i love you in a way
Kathleen - 24.5
Kelsey - 24
that record you can't stand (abusive relationship)
Corey - 23.7
i saw my funeral today
Travis - 23.2
i can't portray my life's struggles
Tom - 21.8
shit or get off the pot

Hope to see you all at a show soon!

Friday, September 18, 2015

The 2015-2016 Vic Slam Season begins

Welcome all!

Last night we had our first Slam of the 2015-2016 Season.

Matthew Christopher Davidson hosted and it was wonderful to get back into the swing of things.

We had new-comers and old-timers at the mic.
We had Calla the ukelele.
We had 5 fine judges and we had some in the audience who've never seen a slam before.
We had Steven J. Thompson and Audrey Lane Cockett as our Sac. Poets.
It was a fine time.

The 9 competitors were, in order of points high to low-

Candace - 28.8 + 30 = 58.8
in a recent retrospective survey/calling himself captain obvious
Pamela - 29 + 29.3 = 58.3
i do not love easy/oh daddy, i have been a bad girl
Tom - 29.4 + 28.4 = 57.8
sasquatch/scooby doo
Catherine - 26.9 + 25.7 = 52.6
misconnections-craigslist/from Day 1
Kathleen - 26.1 + 26.4 = 52.5
can you imagine?-pedophile/in the hours before the body was found
Jacob - (29.8) TP -7 = 22.8
singing can be cathartic
Julia - 25.8
lust isn't permanent
Dale - 25.6
i want to hold you in a slow dance
Eimi - 24.4
missed non-existent opportunities

With Gratitude for the Community-

Thursday, May 28, 2015

May 21st, and the Vic Slam Team 2015 is...

Here we go!

We had us a Slam finals at the Ambrosia Centre this year.
110 people witnessed the event.

The competing poets were, in no order-

Maita Cienska
Aaron Simm
Annie LePage
Matthew Christopher Davidson
Rylan Boothman
Shahin Mohammadi
Zoe Duhaime
Max D'Ambrosio

2 rounds - 3 minute poems
and we had a tie for first place!
Yes, and Aaron Simm and Maita Cienska tied for first place with 55.1 points each, with the exact same 2 scores, which led to the first poem-off ever to determine Victoria's Grand Slam Champion, where Aaron won the rock paper scissors, and the round!

Huge congratulations to Aaron Simm, Maita Cienska, Max D'Ambrosio, Rylan Boothman and Shahin Mohammadi, our 2015 Vic Slam Team from all of us here at the Victoria Poetry Project.

Vic Slam Semis- Who's In!

So this year, we're trying something new.
We're having 2 semi- finals, each featuring 8 of the top-ranking poets of the 2014-2015 slam season.

Bout One- Lacey Lou Tapas Lounge- featuring Matthew Christopher Davidson
Rylan Boothman
Catherine Garrett
Shahin Mohammadi
Scott Thompson
Zoe Duhaime
Pam Stewart
Max D'Ambrosio
Shayli Robinson

Bout Two- Fernwood Hall - May 7th 2015 featuring Brendan McLeod
Maita Cienska
Audrey Lane Cockett
Aaron Simm
Annie LePage
Tanya Christie
Tom Fowler
Erin Cotton
Matthew Christopher Davidson

April Slam 2015

Just a quick catch up post for archeological purposes.
The April Slam 2015 happened on the 16th and out from nowhere, well, okay, out from Victorious Voices, emerged a powerful new poet who won the Slam.

It's always wonderful to have season finale surprises, right?!
Here are the points, stay tuned for the semis lists of competitors-

Rylan Boothman 4
Shahin Mohammadi 2
Zoe Duhaime 1
Pamela Stewart .5
Steven J. Thompson .5

Friday, March 20, 2015

March 2015 Season Standings

Season Standings - End of March 2015

Jeremy Loveday -8
Elysia Glover -7
Maita Cienska -5
SJ Valiquette -5
Audrey Lane Cockett -4
Aaron Simm -4
Annie LePage -3
Katherine Garrett -3
Tanya Christie -2
Scott Thompson -2
Tom Fowler -1.5
Max D'Ambrosio -1

Erin Cotton -.5
Danielle Aftias -.5
Kelsey Claire -.5
Matthew Christopher Davidson -.5
Morgan Purvis-Bellamano -.5
Pamela Stewart - .5
Shahin Mohammadi -.5
Shayli Robinson -.5
Zoe Duhaime -.5

March 2015 Slam Results

Hello Slam-Fans,

Last night we had our penultimate 2014-2015 regular season slam.

That means there will be one last slam coming up on April 16th, yes, one last chance to garner points and be invited to Semi-Finals to try out for this year's Vic Slam team.

Last night at Lacey Lou's we had 11 poets in the first round, with 5 judges being herded by Rose Jang. (Can I mention that her boots were fabulous?)

There was a lot of new shit, a lot of new weird shit and even some new weird sexy shit, including porm. It was another wonderful evening.

The final tallies were as follows-

SJ Valiquette - 53.0
Catherine Garrett - 52.9
Maita Cienska - 52.4
Pamela Stewart - 52.0
Kelsey Claire - 50.4

Next month I will bring the season's score sheets along to the Slam as poets have been worried about redoing pieces from earlier in the season.
See you then.

Friday, February 20, 2015

FEBRUARY 2015 Slam Results

Hello Slam-Fans,

Only 2 regular Slams left this season, and then we're having 2 semi-finals shows, both at Lacey Lou's, April 30th and May 7th, which will bring us to our Slam Finals on May 21st.

We'll be choosing 5 poets for the Slam Team this year, as usual.
It'll be an amazing and spirited time and we hope you'll be a part of it.

Here are the results for February, as well as the season's standings for you all to peruse.

Results from February 19, 2015

1st place- Jeremy Loveday
2nd place- Tanya Christie
3rd place- Catherine Garrett
4th place- Shayli Robinson
5th place- Matthew Christopher Davidson

Season Standings -

Jeremy Loveday -8
Elysia Glover -7
Audrey Lane Cockett -4
Aaron Simm -4
Maita Cienska -4
Annie LePage -3
Tanya Christie -2
Scott Thompson -2
Tom Fowler -1.5
Katherine Garrett -1
Max D'Ambrosio -1
SJ Valiquette -1

Erin Cotton -.5
Danielle Aftias -.5
Matthew Christopher Davidson -.5
Morgan Purvis-Bellamano -.5
Shahin Mohammadi -.5
Shayli Robinson -.5
Zoe Duhaime -.5

Let me know if there are any mis-spellings, please.
Hope to see you Thursdays.

Friday, January 16, 2015

CIPS Qualifier 2015

Last night, January 15th, 2015 we held our CIPS Qualifier to choose the poet who will represent Victoria in Vancouver in April.

We had 8 poets competing for the spot and they were the 8 poets who came 1st and 2nd in the first 4 Slams of our 2014-2015 season.

Lacey Lou's was at capacity last night. We were sold out before 8 o'clock, and Lacey Lou's, which is always warmed from the oven was then more-warmed by the crowds.
Thank you all for coming out and supporting the poets and the poetry community on a rainy and windy evening.

From first to last place, these are the results-

Aaron Simm
Maita Cienska
SJ Valiquette
Elysia Glover
Audrey Lane Cockett
Scott Thompson
Annie Lepage
Tom Fowler

The next Slam is a regular Slam, open to all, and will be held at Lacey Lou's the 3rd Thursday in February, which is the 19th.
Hope to see you all there!