Wednesday, January 22, 2014

2014 Season Standings

Season standings are as follows*:
Audrey 6
Jeremy 6
Shayne 4.5
Emily 4
Pam 3
Jacob 2
Kelsey 1
Scott 1
Jared Cotton 0.5
Kyran 0.5
JJ 0.5
Annie 0.5

*please note, 4th and 5th from October's slam have not been included in this tally. msg me for details.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

January Slam

Well.  How lovely was tonight, eh?

So delightful when we get to see people slam for the first time and hear some new voices.

Thank you so very much for everyone who made tonight possible, this evening was a riot (as per usual!)...

1st Audrey
2nd Matthew Christopher Davidson
3rd Pam Stewart
4th Jared Cotton
5th Kieran 

Sunday, January 5, 2014

December Slam

The final slam of 2013!

We had such a rad time this night.  One week before Christmas, last event of the calendar year, Yours Truly emceeing, what more could you want on a cool, Victoria Thursday?!  How about some amazing poets gracing the mic--'cause we had that too!

1st Jeremy Loveday
2nd Matthew Christopher Davidson
3rd Kelsey Burns
4th shaybe avec i grec

Thank you thank you thank you Victoria, this has been such an incredible year for the Victoria Poetry Project, and I assure you, 2014 is going to be even better!  I'm constantly amazed, inspired, and truly truly humbled by the talent, love, and grace of our community.  From everyone at the Victoria Poetry Project, I hope your holidays are/were filled with peace, warmth, and connection.  Please join us in the New Year and share with us how your time was spent!  So much poetry-love, friends!

PS I'm so hoping there are going to be some New Years Resolutions in place to take up the mic for the first time!  Any takers...?

*final scores to be tallied once the October slam results have been posted!

Vic Slam Indies

On December 5, Victoria Poetry Project held the Vic Slam Indies.  The night was hosted by 2 Dope Boys in a Cadillac, and saw eight of Victoria's best spoken word poets compete for the chance to represent Victoria at the Canadian Individual Poetry Slam which takes place April 5-12 in Vancouver.  The poets, who competed by invitation only, were Scott Thompson, Audrey Cockett, Pam Stewart, Morgan Purvis-Bellamano, Matthew Christopher Davidson, Justin McGrail, Keenan Proud, and Jeremy Loveday.

After four rounds of poetry, the incredible wordsmith Audrey Lane Cockett walked away the champion!

Audrey will be representing our fine city this Spring.  Truly, we could not have asked for a better poet to rep our talents.  Audrey has already made us so proud that she is a member of our incredible community.  Congratulations, Audrey, and congratulations Victoria!

November Slam Results

Oh my, there is so much to catch up on!

If you recall, October was a crazy month for us poets.  The events were non-stop, the Slam Team was fundraising like mad, and no one was fully functioning because the 2Dopes were out of town!  October results will be posted soon, I promise you, but instead of keeping you waiting any longer, I thought I'd throw up the November, December, and Indies results!

November Slam:
1st shayne
2nd Pam
3rd Audrey
4th Annie
5th Erin

Round One
Johnny Macrae: 24.7
Kennan Proud: 20.1
Pam Stewart: 27.1
shayne avec i grec: 27.0
Erin Cotton: 26
Audrey Lane Cockett: 27.0
Annie: 26.2

Round Two
Pam: 28.4
Audrey: 28.2
Shayne: 29.5
Annie: 28.5
Erin: 28.2

*final tallies of season standings to come once October scores are posted