Monday, December 3, 2012

Indies! November Slam Videos!

December Indies Slam

Hello everyone!

December's slam is fast approaching.  This is the month where we find out who will be representing Victoria at the next Verses Festival of Words in Vancouver.  This is Canada's National Individual Poetry Slam.  

The format is different for this Slam in a few ways.  First is the format of the show itself. There will be four rounds, each having it's own different time limit.  

Round 1 - 4 Minutes
Round 2 - 1 Minute
Round 3 - 2 Minutes
Round 4 - 3 Minutes

All other rules of Slam still apply, but we are now asking poets to come prepared to meet the time constraints of each round.  We also have the brilliant poet, Marie Muddy, who has agreed to be our sacrifice for each round!

The other important thing to note about this competition is the selection process we used to determine who competes.  This is something that is asked about, and I'd like to take this opportunity to discuss how we have approached this in previous years, as well as this year.

For the third year in a row, Indies will be an invitational competition.  Invites were extended to team members of Vic Slam teams going back two years, as well as the winners of the first three regular season slams of this season.  Competitors must also be a resident of Victoria in order to compete.  You will notice that there are fewer performers than the criteria would suggest.  This is due to a poets withdrawing.

With the Canadian National Individual Slam going into only it's third year, it is the only way we've ever done things.  No system is perfect, but this process has served Vic Slam quite well in the past.  However if you've been to any of the slams that have happened so far this year, you'll notice an increasing amount of new faces, and strong contenders coming out every month. There is a lot of evidence to suggest that the current process is no longer the best way, and as a result we will be seriously considering the way in which we decide who gets a chance to compete. To the point where I feel comfortable in guaranteeing you that it WILL change next year.  To what extent, is currently undecided but there are a number of ways to shift things.

A few ideas would include adding Summer/Fall slams, separate from the regular season as a  means to determine who competes at Indies.  This is one of the more obvious options, and is currently used in other cities.  With the increasing number of different poets competing, this is certainly a viable option.

We will keep you up to date on any and all things related to these changes, as soon as decisions are being made.  If you have any comments, questions, ideas or concerns please e-mail me, at  I would love to hear from you!

November Slam Videos Online!

The wonderful Rose Jang has once again made the poems performed at Vic Slam November available to you all!  Thank you Rose!  Spread the word everyone, let's share the amazing work we've been doing with as many people as we can!

Here is the link to the playlist containing the performances!

Vic Slam November

See you all on the 20th!  

-Vic Slam
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Friday, November 16, 2012

November Slam Results, Updated Standings

The fantastic season of Slam continued last night with our third event at the Solstice Cafe!  Thank you to all who came out and performed!  It's great to see new and experienced faces alike up on the mic every week.  We may have only had seven poets competing, but I think everyone can agree it was a lot of fun to see everyone drop two poems!  Another huge thanks to the fantastic crowd that came out to cheer on those competing!  Rose Jang recorded the performances last night, expect to see those online in the next couple of weeks.  Thanks again Rose!  

Congratulations go to this month's winner Jeremy Loveday!  Here are the results from last night's show, and the updated season standings.

Round 1
S: Steven J Thompson - 23.7
Pam Stewart - 24.1
Keenan Proud - 24.8
Audrey Cockett - 24.9
Jeremy Loveday - 28.3
Portia Elan - 24.1
Tom Fowler - 23.3
Erin Cotton - 25.3

Round 2
Jeremy Loveday - 27.9 - 56.2  1st
Erin Cotton - 25.9 - 51.2   2nd
Audrey Cockett - 23.8 - 48.7
Keenan Proud - 26.2 - 51 3rd
Pam Stewart - 26.5 - 50.6  4th
Portia Elan - 25.4 - 49.5   5th
Tom Fowler - 23.8 - 47.1

Season Standings

Jeremy Loveday - 4 points
Savannah - 4 points
Steven J Thompson - 4 points
Erin Cotton - 3 points
Keenan Proud - 3 points
Audrey Cockett - 2.5 points
Matthew Christopher Davidson - 1 point
Aysia Law - 0.5 point
Tom Fowler - 0.5 point
Pam Stewart - 0.5 point
Portia Elan - 0.5 point

Next month's Slam will be the INDIES Slam! Stay tuned for more info on what is for sure to be an incredibly hot night of poetry! The next qualifying slam will be in January.

-Vic Slam
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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Vic Slam Blog Update 10/30/12

Vic Slam Online!

Hello everyone! Just a quick update here for everyone!

Videos of Vic Slam October have been put online now! Click here to go to the Vic Slam YouTube channel.  The amazing Rose Jang has created a playlist for you, for easy viewing!  Thanks again for your hard work! Be sure to subscribe to the channel to stay up to date on all the videos being uploaded.

Not only are videos of October's slam online, but the official YouTube Channel of Spoken Word Canada has begun uploading the videos of all the bouts that took place a few weeks ago in Saskatoon at CFSW!  Here's a link to Part 1 of the first bout of the tournament.  This bout features Calgary, Missassauga, Urban Legends (Ottawa), and Victoria!  

For Victoria, in Part 1 of this bout, you'll see a solo piece from current Slam Master Scott Thompson, and a duet between Matthew Christopher Davidson and Jeremy Loveday.

These videos are a great way for poets that are curious about what a National Slam might look like, to get a taste for a night of competition.

Don't forget, next month's Slam is on November 15th.  You won't want to miss it!  Also, stay tuned for an update on the Slam in December, INDIES!

-Vic Slam

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Friday, October 19, 2012

October Slam Results, and Season Standings.

Results and Updated Standings

First off, I'd like to give a HUGE thank you to everyone that came out last night and supported all the poets that competed.  The season is off to an incredible start and having a packed house makes for an energetic show.  We can't wait to see you all again next month!

Another big thank you to Megan Ann Ward, who graced the Vic Slam stage.  We rarely have features, but we couldn't pass up the opportunity to have her perform.  Until next time Megan, best of luck to you in Montreal! We all miss you!

Here are the results from last night, followed by an updated look at our season standings!

Round 1
S: Keenan Proud - 21.4
Matthew Christopher Davidson - 24.6
Thomas Love-Vani - 22.6
Erin Cotton - 25.5
Tom Fowler - 24
Kevin Beatty - 20.1
Stephen J Thompson - 27
Aysia Law - 25.8
David Trudel - 16.4
Naomi Wilde - 20.7
Audrey Cockett - 26.1
Suzanne Dickinson - 19.5
Celina Silva - 20.8

Round 2
Stephen J Thompson - 26.4 - 53.4
Audrey Cockett - 26.4 - 52.5
Aysia Law - 25.2 - 51
Erin Cotton - 25.4* - 25.5
Matthew Christopher Davidson - 27.6 - 52.2

*Intentional costume/prop violation

Season Standings (As of October 19th)
Savannah - 4 points
Stephen J Thompson - 4 points
Audrey Cockett - 2.5 points
Keenan Proud - 2 points
Erin Cotton - 1 points
Matthew Christopher Davidson - 1 point
Aysia Law - 0.5 point
Tom Fowler - 0.5 point

Congratulations to Stephen J Thompson for winning the night!  There were many new faces performing at the Slam last night, and it's a joy to watch people take to the mic.  It is not an easy thing to do.  I hope to see you all again next month!

-Vic Slam
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Monday, October 15, 2012

Post CFSW Blog


After a week of intense performances, the gang is happy to be back in Victoria.  Jeremy and Scott decided to go a little overboard on the way back and managed to drive 17 hours combined on Sunday to get back sooner.  They would not recommend others take that same approach.

Victoria placed higher this festival than in any other showing before, and are fiercely proud of where they ended up, and know they gave it their all on the microphone.

The team placed 4th in their bout at Semis, but managed to get the attention of the poets in the crowd with Scott's team piece "Stuck in a Room".

There were also some big changes made with SpoCan, and we will keep you up to date on those changes as they come forward.

The team is planning on putting on a final "Goodbye" show, and as soon as they have a date, you will know it.  They want to show you how they went further than any Vic Slam team ever has, so keep your eyes and ears peeled for an invite!

We have our 2nd slam of the year this week! Here's the event link to Facebook.
You will notice we have a feature!  The brilliant Megan Ann Ward will be featuring at our Slam between the first and second round.  We don't normally do feature sets at our show, but with her being in town this week only, there was NO way we were going to let her leave without gracing our stage again.  You do not want to miss this event, it's going to be HOT!

-Vic Slam
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Thursday, October 11, 2012

CFSW Saskatoon: The Last Word UPDATE

Saskatoon Update!

Hey everyone!  Just a quick post about how the current Vic Slam team is doing in Saskatoon.

Two preliminary bouts are under the team's belt. 

Tuesday night the team slammed in a match that had Calgary, Missassauga, and Ottawa's Urban Legends.  It was incredibly close, but with the help of Jacob's poem Take A Shot-turned quartet team piece-Victoria was able to squeek out a win.  It was incredibly close, but Victoria took it with a score of 101.3.  (.3 higher than Calgary, talk about close!)

The second bout happened Thursday night.  In another hard hitting night of competition that featured London, Toronto (TPS), and Regina, Victoria was once again able to come out with a win.  The group decided to take a risk, and opted to perform only solo pieces, a decision that paid off as they were once again able to come out on top.  It was an incredible bout, that included a performance by our own Jeremy Loveday, that was described on Twitter as one of "the best poems we've ever seen him do." - TPS.  Matthew Christopher Davidson closed the night off, and sealed the win for the team.

With two 1st place finishes the team has earned a spot in one of two Semi-Final bouts.  They will be taking the stage Friday night at 7pm.  Joining them will once again be TPS, as well as Toronto's other team "Up From The Roots", and Guelph! 

Be sure to follow @VicPoetrySlam on Twitter to stay up to date with the team.  You can even follow the action more closely on Twitter by following #CFSW12.  The always wonderful Rose Jang is here, and live tweeting results after every poem.

Thank you all so much! This is the furthest a Victoria team has ever made it, and we're not through yet! 

Much love to you all back home!

-Vic Slam
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Friday, October 5, 2012

Videos of September Slam!

Poems Now Available Online

Hey everyone! 

Just a quick post regarding the recorded poems from the September slam. We are very pleased to inform you that they are now online!  Here is a link the the Vic Slam YouTube channel, where you can find poems from that night!

Vic Poetry Slam Channel

HUGE thanks to Rose Jang for taking the time to upload them all! She even created a playlist of the poems for easy viewing!  

Don't forget, the next Slam happens on October 18th at Solstice!  Be sure to invite your friends! We will see you there!

Vic Slam: OCTOBER Event Page

-Vic Slam

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Friday, September 21, 2012

Season Standings After Slam #1

Thank You!

Thank you to all the poets who came out and slammed on the 20th, and to everyone who came out to support them!  It was great to see a packed house for our first Slam of the season!  Here are the scores for the night, and then our season standings!

Round 1

Ryefield (Sacrifice): 21.8
Keenan Proud: 25.6
Sara Bartman: 17.9
Kevin Beatty: 23.4
Audrey Cockett: 23.9
Cassidy VB: 23.4
David Trudel: 19.4
Kathleen Miniely: 22.6
Colin B: 20.9
Erin Cotton: 24.4
Tom Fowler: 25.8
Savannah: 27.8
Jacob Arts: 26.1*

Round 2

Savannah: 27.1 - 54.9
Tom Fowler: 20.8 - 46.6
Keenan Proud: 28.3 - 53.9
Erin Cotton: 26.4 - 50.8
Audrey Cockett - 26.8 - 50.7

Season Standings

Savannah - 4 points
Keenan Proud - 2 points
Erin Cotton - 1 point
Audrey Cotton - 0.5 points
Tom Fowler - 0.5 points

See you at the next slam on October 18th!

-Vic Slam

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Monday, September 17, 2012

Vic Slam Update #1

Welcome Back!

The first slam of our season happens this Thursday, and if last week's Tongues of Fire is any indication of what to expect, you had better come ready for an energetic night of some of the best Spoken Word Poetry this city has to offer!

If you have taken the time to read the rules posted on this blog earlier, you will have noticed that there are a few new things in store for this Slam season!  The purpose of this post is to help illuminate why certain decisions have been made, how we plan to carry them out, and to announce an exciting addition to our slams!

Season Ends in May

This year our season culminates with two final shows in May.  This is one month earlier than in previous years.  While the number of shows remains the same with the addition of a night of semi-finals, we also understand that this does remove one regular season slam.  That translates to one less chance to boost your standing in the season, and makes the race for a spot in the top 12 tighter. 

This is a double-edged sword. Poets will need to bring their absolute best to each season slam, which can and will make for some powerful nights of performances, but due to the random nature of the name-draw it can make for some frustration should you not be chosen for a night of competition.  More often than not, the randomness balances everything out, and everyone is given a fair shake at competing.  The draw is random, and as a result can't be predicted.  There is always a chance that things won't balance themselves out.  Stranger things have happened. 

The poetry slam in Victoria is growing, especially with so many new, incredible young poets coming up from the high school slams, and youth slam.  It would not be a stretch to say that on most nights, the sign up sheet will exceed 12 poets.  This means that we could be using the random draw more often. 

We will be monitoring the names that are chosen as well as the number, and names of poets that were not drawn.  We will also monitor the frequency of repeat performers, and in the unlikely event that there is a large disparity between the two, adding an extra slam is something we can look at doing.  We will NOT remove the names of poets who have competed multiple times in one season from sign up sheets. The solution we feel that better addresses this potential issue is to add an extra slam, and only if there is a significant number of people who have continually not been drawn to compete.

Another reason we are ending the season a month early is to give the Slam team some additional time for fundraising. Summers in Victoria are chalk full of festivals of different artistic disciplines, and with each pulling for an audience. The potential for added stress due to a team's financial situation can pull focus away from the writing and rehearsing process, which is the most important part of being on the team.

On that note, the extra month provides the Slam Team with more time to rehearse and write, which should help make for stronger representation at CFSW.


This year we have added a semi-final component to our year end competition.  One of the primary reasons we have added this extra night is to further showcase our top poets from the season.  All 12 finalists must perform two poems at Semi-Finals, with no eliminations happening until the night of competition is over, with the announcement of our top 8.  This is a guaranteed extra round for all performers, and another opportunity for our poets, and audience to be exposed to a night of amazing performances.

Another reason for semi-finals is that the competition becomes far more challenging, as poets will need to bring four poems to make the Slam Team, up from needing only two in previous years.

Finally, we feel that adding an extra night of competition makes for a more exciting end to the season, and creates a bigger buzz for Finals night.

No Repeat Rule

All components of the rule itself are laid out in the previous entry.  We have added the rule that poems performed on Semi-Final, and Final stages, may not be performed at future Semi-Final and Final stages, and we will address this aspect in particular here.

This rule was added with the simple goal of trying to further promote the writing of new poems, and to push poets a bit harder each year to write new pieces.  

This rule was not implemented to "fix" an existing problem, as our community is full of fantastic writers, and it's only growing.  We feel this rule simply helps to reinforce that same sense of innovation and creativity that already exists.

Enforcing this rule is primarily honour based, as is the case in many other Slam communities across Canada.  This is not always the best way to enforce rules.  In our experiences here in Victoria however, we have rarely come across infractions when it comes to repeating poems.  The spirit of this rule is adhered to, and everyone holds each other accountable.

That being said, in the very unlikely event that a dispute may arise, we will be recording all performances at Semi-Finals, and Finals, and will reference these recordings should a poet wish to challenge someone's performance of a certain piece.  

This brings us to an exciting new addition to our Slams...

Recorded Performances

Beginning this year, any poet competing at the Slam will have the opportunity to have their performance recorded, and with their permission have their poem uploaded to a YouTube channel dedicated to showcasing Victoria's poets!  This is a fantastic opportunity to not only show your family and friends the work you've been doing, but also provides us the chance to show the rest of the country the amazing poetry that is done in Victoria on a regular basis!

We are thrilled to finally be able to do this, and would ask for your patience as we start this process, and work the kinks out!  A big thanks to the incredibly talented Rose Jang for taking on this responsibility. 

Thank you for taking the time to read through this!  We cannot wait to get this Slam season under way, and are looking forward to seeing all your wonderful faces, and hearing your beautiful words!  

As always, any questions or concerns can be directed to the Slam Master, Scott Thompson at: 

See you at the Slam this Thursday! Happy writing!

-Vic Slam

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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Welcome to a new SLAM Season, and Rules of Vic Slam!

Hello everyone!

The new season of Spoken Word Poetry is about to begin in Victoria, with both Tongues of Fire and Vic Slam starting over the next two weeks.  I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you all back, and say how excited we are to get things going!  

I would like to take this chance to provide the rules for the upcoming Slam season here in Victoria.

Victoria Slam Rules for the 2012-2013 Season

These rules apply to the Victoria slam season specifically and to slam events generally. Discrepancies can be brought to the attention of the Slam Master for clarification.

 1) Poems can be on any subject and in any style.

 2 ) Each poet must perform original work that s/he has created.

 3 ) No props. Prop: an object or article of clothing introduced into a performance with the effect of enhancing, illustrating, underscoring, or otherwise augmenting the words of the poem. Generally, poets are allowed to use their given environment and the accoutrements it offers - microphones, mic stands, the stage itself, chairs on stage, a table or bar top, the aisle, and audience members - as long as these accoutrements are available to other competitors as well. The rule concerning props is not intended to squelch the spontaneity, unpredictability, or on-the-fly choreography that people love about the slam; its intent is to keep the focus on the words rather than objects.

 4 ) No musical instruments or pre-recorded music.

 5 ) No costumes.

 6 ) Sampling: It is acceptable for a poet to incorporate, imitate, or otherwise "signify" on the words, lyrics, or tune of someone else (commonly called "sampling" in his own work. If he is only riffing off another's words, he should expect only healthy controversy; if on the other hand, he is ripping off their words, he should expect scorn and ridicule.

 7 ) Repeats: Poets may not repeat poems performed during the Vic Slam season at other regular Vic slams during the same season.  Poems are exempt from this rule during Semi-Finals, and Finals, but only once per poem. **BEGINNING IN THE 2012-2013 SEASON**  Any pieces performed at a Vic Slam Semi-Final, and Final may not be performed at any future Vic Slam Semi-Final, or Final stages.

 8) The Three-Minute Rule: No performance should last longer than three minutes. The time begins when the performance begins, which may well be before the first utterance is made. A poet is certainly allowed several full seconds to adjust the microphone and get settled & ready, but as soon as s/he makes a connection with the audience ("Hey look, she's been standing there for 10 seconds and hasn't even moved"), the timekeeper can start the clock. The poet does not have an unlimited amount of "mime time." Poets with ambiguous beginnings & endings to their performances should seek out the timekeeper at each venue to settle on a starting & ending time. After three minutes, there is a 10-second grace period (up to and including 3:10.00). 

Starting at 3:10.01, a penalty is automatically deducted from each poet's overall score according to the following schedule:

3:10 and under no penalty
3:10.01 - 3:20 -0.5
3:20.01 - 3:30 -1.0
3:30.01 - 3:40 -1.5
3:40.01 - 3:50 -2.0
and so on [-0.5 for every 10 seconds over 3:10]

The announcement of the time penalty will be made by the emcee or scorekeeper after all the judges have reported their scores. The judges should not even be told that a poet went overtime until it is too late for them to adjust their scores.

Maximum Time Limit: After four minutes, only the emcee may stop a poet from continuing to perform.

 9) Judging: All efforts shall be made to select five judges who will be fair. Once chosen, the judges will have a private, verbal crash course by the emcee or house manager on the do's and don'ts of poetry slam judging (where they can ask questions).

 10) Scoring: The judges will give each poem a score from 0 to 10, with 10 being the highest or "perfect" score. They will be encouraged to use one decimal place in order to preclude the likelihood of a tie. Each poem will get five scores. The high and the low scores will be dropped and the remaining three scores will be added together.

 11) Emcees: The emcee will announce to the audience each poet's name. They will also require that all judges hold their scores up at the same time and that no judge changes his score after it is up. They are expected to move the show along quickly and keep the audience engaged and interested in the competition. Since they must be completely impartial, any witty banter directed at individual poets, poems, teams, or scores is inappropriate. Even genuine enthusiasm has to be carefully directed. The safest thing to do is encourage the audience to express their own opinions.

 12) Sacrificial Poet: Because no poet wants to go first in the slam, and because some judges, score keepers and time keepers need practice, each slam begins with a "sacrificial poet" or calibration poet. This poet performs a piece and is scored as if they were competing in the slam.

 13) Team Pieces: No team pieces are allowed at regular season slams or the Finals.

 14) Qualifying for the Slam Team: The top 12 poets from the regular season shows (Sept-April) are invited to the Semi-Finals and Finals in May to compete to be on the Victoria Slam Team.

Poets in the second round are given the following points for their standings:
1st- 4 points
2nd- 2 points
3rd- 1 point
4th and 5th – 0.5 points each

Points are added together at the end of the season and the 12 poets with the highest scores are invited to Semi-Finals. If there are not enough poets with scores to fill the spots at Semi-Finals the remaining poets will be determined by averaged cumulative score.

15) **NEW TO THE 2012-2013 SEASON** Semi-Finals: Semi-Finals will consist of the top 12 poets from the regular season,  based off of the current season's point earnings.  Semi-Finals will be two rounds of competition, and ALL 12 POETS compete in BOTH rounds. Scores are cumulative between rounds at semi-finals.  The top 8 Poets move on to compete at Vic Slam Finals.

 16) **NEW TO THE 2012-2013 SEASON** Finals: Finals will consist of the top 8 poets from Semi-Finals.  Scores between Semi-Finals, and Finals will NOT be cumulative.  ALL 8 POETS will compete in BOTH rounds.  After the two rounds are completed, the top 5 poets shall be decided. 1st-4th rankings earn poets a spot on the slam team, while 5th place earns a poet the spot as the team's alternate.

Thank you for taking the time to read over the rules.  If there are any questions or concerns, please feel free to e-mail the Vic Slam Slam Master, Scott Thompson at

Once again, I am very excited for the season to get under way, and can not wait for the poets to take the stage!

Here's to a fantastic year of Slam!

Scott Thompson
Victoria Slam Master

Monday, May 21, 2012

Wow!  What  a year. We held slams at 3 venues, had more competitors than ever, and started our season 3 months earlier than any previous year. Our 2012 finalists include some familiar faces including all of last year's slam team and some new faces that are hungry to represent Victoria at the Canadian Festival of Spoken Word in Saskatoon.  The show is going to be off the hook!  Don't miss here for details.

Top 5 from our May slam were:
1.Scott Thompson
2.Kyeren Regehr
3.Mak Conway
4.Amy Culliford
5.Amara MacFarlane

Final Standings for the 2011-2012 season:
1.Mak Konwick 13 Points
2.Scott Thompson 8 points
3.Jeremy Loveday 7.0 points
4..Matthew Christopher Davidson 6.0 points
5. Jacob Arts 5 points
6.Justin McGrail 4.5 points
7.Keenan Proud 3.0 points
8.Savannah Rain Mcdermott 2.5 points
9..Amy Ponderchuk 2 points
9..Erin Cotton 2 Points
9.Kyeren Regehr 2 points
12..Hilly Sommerville 1 point
______________________________________Cut off for finals
12.Tyler B 1 Point (moved out of Victoria)
14.Dave Morris .5 points
14.Marie Specht .5 points
14.Kaizan .5 points
14.Rick Leaf .5 points
14.Katie Penty .5 points
14. Kathleen .5 points
14. Amara McFarlane .5
14. Amy Culliford .5
*Skawt Chonz 2.5 points has dropped out of the competition.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Season Standings with 1 Qualifying Slam Remaining

Last night's slam at Discovery Coffee was perhaps the most intimate slam we've had as part of the Vic Slam series. The space was cozy, wooden, and filled with poetry hungry folks. The poets performed without a mic and it really felt like a barrier was removed and the whole night became more like a conversation. Loh-El from Ottawa was our special surprise feature!

The Top 5 poets of the evening were:
1. Justin McGrail
2. Savannah Rain Mcdermott
3. Jeremy Loveday
3. Tyler B
5. Keenan Proud

Season Standings with 1 Qualifying Slam remaining:

1.Mak Konwick 12 Points
2.Jeremy Loveday 7.0 points
3.Matthew Christopher Davidson 6.0 points
4. Jacob Arts 5 points
5.Justin McGrail 4.5 points
6.Scott Thompson 4 points
7.Keenan Proud 3.0 points
8.Savannah Rain Mcdermott 2.5 points
8.Skawt Chonz 2.5 points
10.Amy Ponderchuk 2 points
10.Aaron Cotton 2 Points
12.Hilly Sommerville 1 point
12.Tyler B 1 Point
14.Dave Morris .5 points
14.Marie Specht .5 points
14.Kaizan .5 points
14.Rick Leaf .5 points
14.Katie Penty .5 points
14. Kathleen .5 points

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Updated Standings

Alright folks, We've got two slams left in the regular season! So far, Mak Konwick is running away with the lead. Will he be able to keep his winning streak alive? Find out this Thursday at Discovery Coffee! :// Check out the facebook event for more details /

1.Mak Konwick 12 Points
2.Jeremy Loveday 6.0 points
3.Matthew Christopher Davidson 6.0 points
4. Jacob Arts 5 points
5.Scott Thompson 4 points
6.Skawt Chonzz 2.5 points
6.Keenan Proud 2.5 points
8.Amy Ponderchuk 2 points
8. Aaron Cotton 2 Points
10.Hilly Sommerville 1 point
11.Dave Morris .5 points
11.Marie Specht .5 points
11.Kaizan .5 points
11.Rick Leaf .5 points
11.Justin McGrail .5 points
11.Katie Penty .5 points
11.Savannah Rain Mcdermott .5 points
11. Kathleen .5 points

Sunday, March 18, 2012

2011-2012 Season Standings

We have 16 poets on the board so far!

1.Mak Konwick 8 Points
2.Jeremy Loveday 6.0 points
3.Matthew Christopher Davidson 5 points
4. Jacob Arts 4.5 points
5.Scott Thompson 4 points
6.Skawt Chonzz 2.5 points
6.Keenan Proud 2.5 points
8.Amy Ponderchuk 2 points
9.Hilly Sommerville 1 point
10.Dave Morris .5 points
10.Marie Specht .5 points
10.Kaizan .5 points
10.Rick Leaf .5 points
10.Justin McGrail .5 points
10.Katie Penty .5 points
10.Savannah Rain Mcdermott .5 points

See you this Thursday @ Solstice Cafe for Vic Slam March Edition featuring Ottawa's Sean O'Gorman.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Slam Scores - February 16

Round 1         
PoetScores    Time PenaltyTOTALCumulativeRank
Jacob Arts6688.28.3022.22.36
Tom Fowler444.47.29.7114.66.78
Tyler B6.2777.89021.827
Amy P888.899.7025.81.72
Katy Penty668.68.710023.344
Round 2         
Amy P7.68889.702449.82
Katy Penty5.867.47.58.6020.944.24

Friday, February 10, 2012

Updated Season Standings!

Poetry Fans! All season poets have been battling for a spot in finals. These are the updated standings:

1.Jeremy Loveday 6.0 points
2.Jacob Arts 4.5 points
3.Mak Konwick 4 points
3.Matthew Christopher Davidson 4 points
3 Scott Thompson 4 points
6.Skawt Chonzz 2.5 points
6.Keenan Proud 2.5 points
8.Hilly Sommerville 1 point
9.Dave Morris .5 points
9.Marie Specht .5 pooints
9.Kaizan .5 points
9.Rick Lief .5 points
9.Justin McGrail .5 points

Don't miss your chance to get some points! This Thursday, Feb 16th @ Cabin 12 on Pandora. 8pm.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Slam Scores - January 19

Sorry this came out a little bit late! Congratulations to Scott Thompson for winning the January 19 Vic Slam! Here are the final scores:

Round 1 
Katie Penty22
Hil Sommerville26.6
Scott Thompson26.9
Tyler B24.4
Tom Fowler25.8
Savannah Raine26.3
Jeremy Loveday27.2
Justin McGrail26.6
Keenan Proud26.7
Round 2 
Hil Sommerville27.8
Scott Thompson28
Jeremy Loveday27.6
Justin McGrail22.3
Keenan Proud25.6
Final Scores 
Hil Sommerville54.4
Scott Thompson54.9
Jeremy Loveday54.8
Justin McGrail48.9
Keenan Proud52.3