Thursday, December 15, 2011

Vic Slam Indie Champ - Matthew Christopher Davidson

And the winner, going on to compete at the Vancouver Individual Slam Poetry Championship is Matthew Christopher Davidson!

It was a tight competition with an amazing line-up of our best Victoria poets - as judged by you, the audience - and I'd like to thank everyone who competed and made it such a great night.

Here are the scores:
Name Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4 Total
Matthew D. 26.0 27.3 28.0 28.3 109.6
Skawt Chonzz 26.7 25.9 27.6 28.5 108.7
Jacob Arts 26.8 26.1 27.8 27.7 108.4
Scott Thompson 26.3 25.9 26.7 29.0 107.9
Jeremy Loveday 26.8 26.5 27.6 26.7 107.6
Mak Konwick 26.6 26.0 27.0 26.8 106.4
Justin McGrail 24.9 25.2 26.6 28.0 104.7
Keenan Proud 26.2 25.9 24.8 26.6 103.5

See you at the next slam - the Youth Slam Dec 22 at Solstice Cafe!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Season Standings

As next month is the Indies, and the end of 2011, I thought it might be useful to check on our season standings.

First, I'd like to thank everyone for supporting the slams this fall. It was the first time we've started this early in the season, and I think with 11 poets over 3 slams making the second round it's been an unqualified success!

So, without further ado - the standings so far:
Jacob Arts with 4.5
Tied for SECOND: Mak Konwick, Matthew Christopher Davidson and Jeremy Loveday with 4.0
Skawt Chonzz with 2.5
Keenan Proud with 2.0
Tied for FOURTH: Dave Morris, Marie Specht, Kaizan and Rick Lief with 0.5

That's a lot of ties, and a good reminder that the more you slam, the more you make the second round, the higher your standing will be. So start practicing.

And reminder that the Indies DO NOT count towards your standings. It is a separate and invitation only event.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

November Slams - Scores

Huge thanks to guest host and veteran spoken word artist Shayne Avec i Grec for rocking out the show, and to all the new poets who braved the stage this month. Hope to see you again in January. And huge congrats to Matthew Christopher Davidson for winning the slam this month and advancing to the Indies.

Quick reminder before we get to the scores that next month, December is the Invitational Indies and not a regular slam. So come out and cheer as 8 poets battle for the title. December 15th - check out the facebook event here:

And now to the scores:
Marie Specht R1: 24.5
Katie Penty R1: 24.5
Scott Chonzz R1: 26.1 R2: 26.4 Total: 52.5 Place: 5 Points: 0.5
Mak Konwick R1: 25.2
Sam Glieve R1: 25.9 R2: 27.2 Total: 53.1 Place 3 Points: 1
Alex Nelson R1: 24.1
Denny Salvadore R1: 24
Alchemy Roseblade R1: 24.3
William Brown R1: 21.6
Kaizan R1: 26.8 R2: 25.9 Total: 52.7 Place: 4 Points: 0.5
Jeremy Loveday R1: 26.7 R2: 27.3 Total: 54.0 Place: 2 Points: 2
Matthew Christopher Davidson R1: 26.2 R2: 27.9 Total: 54.1 Points:4

See you for the Indies next month!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Indies: The Rundown

Vic Slam's second annual Invitational Indies are coming up December 15th and there's a lot on the line. The winner will take home the title, the $200 in cash AND get a spot on the national stage at the Vancouver National Individual Slam Championship in April.

So Who Got Invited?
We invited everyone in Victoria who has been on a slam team for the last 3 years, as well as the winners from the 2011 Sept, Oct and Nov slams.

This means that every poet who on stage will have been veted as a winner by YOU, the audience in the past.

Who's Competing?
We had 8 amazing poets accept the challenge and they are already training hard. They are (in no particular order):

Keenan Proud, Slam Team Member 2011
Justin McGrail, Slam Team Member 2011
Scott Thompson, Slam Team Member 2011
Matthew Davidson, Slam Team Member 2009-11

Jeremy Loveday, Victoria Indie Slam Champ 2010
Skawt Chonzz, Slam Team Member 2009
Mak Konwick, Vic Slam September 2011 Winner
Jacob Arts, Vic Slam October 2011 Winner

What Poems Can They Do?
Poets can use ANY poem they want, including repeats of poems from the regular season. But it must be their original work - all the slam rules still apply: no costumes, music or nudity (that's another show!).

What is the Format?
There will be 4 bare-knuckle rounds of competition. No elimintion, which means that everyone will compete in every round.

4 minute round
1 minute round
2 minute round
3 minute round

10 second grace for all rounds, with standard penalties for going over time. Poets do not need to use the full time (as per a regular slam) but there will be standard penalties for going over time.

Vic Slam Invitational Indies
Thursday, December 15, 2011
Cabin 12, 607 Pandora
Doors @7:30, $5 @ the door

Check out the event on facebook:

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Grrr- Slam with Bite!

How about these awesome posters from Evan Pine at Metropol eh? For those of you collecting buttons, be sure to get your lion button Nov 17.

Oh yeah, there'll be kickass poetry too, but limited edition art buttons? Those don't come around every day.


See you at the next slam - November 17 @ Cabin 12.

Facebook event:

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Vic Slam - October 20

A huge thank you to Dave Morris for hosting the slam this month. And great to see so many new faces on the slam stage. Keep it up poets! We've got a great season ahead of us.

Congratulations to first-time winner Jacob Arts!

Here are the scores:
Mack R1: 25.8
Russ R1: 24.0
Steve Ray Orr R1: 25.0
Sam Hall R1: 25.1
Rick Leif R1: 26.4 R2: 27.6 Total: 54.0 Place: 5th Points: 0.5
Tom Fowler R1: 26.0
Esge R1: 24.5
Jacob Arts R1: 28.6 R2: 28.4 Place: 1st Points: 4
Scott Jones R1: 28.4 R2: 28.3 Place: 2nd Points: 2
Keenan Proud R1: 27.7 R2: 28.8 Place: 3rd Points: 1
Lisa Vauldain R1:23.6
Miss Marie R1: 26.7 R2: 27.6 Place: 4th Points: 0.5

See you at the next slam, November 17.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Scores - September Slam

What a season opener - a full house, a full slate of poets and my head is full of poetry tonight! Congratulations to Mak Conwick for taking home the title (his first win!). And congrats to all the new poets on stage tonight, it's really daunting to get judged, and you all rocked the mic.

Here are the scores for tonight's Slam:
Samantha Hall R1: 23.4
Marie Specht R1: 24.6
Tom Fowler R1: 19.8
Jeremy Loveday R1: 27.5 R2: 28.4 Total: 55.9 Place: 2 Points: 2
Levon Geyer R1: 24.0
Jacob Arts R1: 26.3 R2: 24.3 Total: 50.6 Place: 5 Points: 0.5
Scott Thompson R1: 24.9
Mak Conwick R1: 27.2 R2: 29.0 Total: 56.2 Place: 1 Points: 4
Ezzi Mutla R1: 23.1
Matthew Christopher Davidson R1: 23.6
Dave Morris R1: 28.2 R2: 25.1 Total: 53.3 Place:4 Points: 0.5
Keenan Proud R1: 27.4 R2: 26.6 Total: 54.0 Place 3 Points:1

Congrats again to all the poets - see you October 20th!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

New Season Reminders

Hello old and new and yet-to-be slammers!

For the first time ever, Vic Slam is starting in September (September 15), which means twice as many slams in the regular season to try to make that Finals stage. Here are some changes and reminders for competition:

1) No Repeat rule still stands - No repeats through the regular season (September-May). This is to encourage you as artists to write new stuff! You CAN repeat poems from last season. And of course anything goes Finals Night.

2) All Random Draw - due to demand (and pushing and shoving and gnashing of teeth) ALL 12 spots will be random draw to start the season (last season 5 were guaranteed). This format will be reviewed if necessary in December.

3) Be Part of the Community - We need volunteers! If you'd like to help out on door, or sound, or help organize, we'd love to have you on board. Talk to Missie or Keenan at the Slam.

All other rules stay the same from last season - to review check out this link:

Happy Slamming!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

CFSW 2011

Here's the first press release from CFSW 2011 in Toronto - great line-up of features and events!

Next fundraiser to help the Vic Slam Team get to the festival is September 1 - Instant Slam.

The 2011 Canadian Festival of Spoken Word in Toronto October 11 to 15

TORONTO - Toronto Poetry Project and Spoken Word Canada (SPOCAN) are proud to present the 2011 Canadian Festival of Spoken Word (CFSW) taking place Oct 11 to 15 in various venues in downtown Toronto. This annual festival features the top talent in the national spoken word community.

Poets from Victoria to Halifax will take part in Toronto for he country's largest spoken word festival. In the evening, 20 poetry slam teams will compete in spoken word competitions known as poetry slams. Daytime events will include workshops and showcases ideal for anyone interested in literary arts.

“Spoken word is one of the most popular literary art forms in the world, for a reason,” notes David Silverberg, artistic director of the Canadian Festival of Spoken Word and producer of Toronto Poetry Slam. “This kind of poetry is visceral and hits you right in the heart. Toronto is very lucky to host the CFSW this year, because for a full week talented poets from coast to coast will give us their best work.”

The week kicks off in style with The Legends Showcase, at the Drake Hotel Underground in honour of pioneers of spoken word who helped transform the art form. The Oct 11 opening showcase will feature performances by dub poet Lillian Allen, spoken word educator Andrea Thompson, the "Mama of Dada" Sheri-D Wilson, beatboxer/poet Eddy Da Original One and Vancouver slam legend RC Weslowski.

On Wednesday evening and beyond, the competition begins with bouts at downtown Toronto performance venues Trane Studio and 918 Bathurst, and will progress to a semi-finals competition at the Royal Cinema. The Finals on Oct. 15 will take place at Metropolitan United Church and will include special performances by Poets of Honour Robert Priest and d’bi young.
Late night events include HipHop Karaoke, Haiku Head-to-Head Battle, Poetic Music Showcase and a massive after-party on Oct. 15.

Thousands of people are expected to take in the CFSW festivities throughout the week, making this festival one of the most exciting spoken word events in the country.

For more information on the 2011 Canadian Festival of Spoken Word, call 416-312-3865. Interviews and photography can be arranged upon request. Ticket information is available by emailing

Monday, August 22, 2011

Upcoming Shows: September

For the first time ever (in Victoria) we're starting the Slams up in September. So that means there's a lot of poetic happenings, well, happening.

Here's what up this month:
September 1 - Instant Slam, The Well
Fundraiser for the Vic Slam Team. Fun and silly show, write and perform a poem all in one night.

September 15 - Vic Slam, Cabin 12
First slam of the new season! Bring your best and dress to impress (it rhymes).

September 22 - Vic Slam Team feature at Tongues of Fire, Solstice Cafe
The 'Dudes' will be showing off what they've been working on all summer. Check them out!

September 26 - The Best of Poetry in the Raw
The final nude poetry show - not to be missed. Also a fundraiser for the Vic Slam Team.

Find all the events info on the Vic Slam facebook page:

Sign Up Change

So last season we had the happy problem of too many poets and not enough spots. We adopted the sign up system followed in Van of the first 5 spots guaranteed and the rest random draw.

However - there was a lot of unsportsmanlike pushing and shoving and gnashing of teeth - so in an effort to make Slam safe and fun for everyone all the time, we'll be doing random draw for all 12 spots.

Slam starts again September 15!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Recap: Slam Fundraiser

Just a quick note to say thanks for all the support at the Recording Party last week. Despite technical difficulties, we're looking forward to getting a recording of the show into your hands asap.

It was a great intimate evening, with relaxed poets on their game, and we even got to see the first team piece! Thanks to Cabin 12 for hosting us.

Stay Tuned for more Slam Team goodness.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Meet the Slam Team

From left to right: Jeremy Loveday, Keenan Proud, Justin McGrail, Matthew Christopher Davidson and Scott Thompson.

Fun Fact: This is the first ever all-dude Vic Slam Team.

And you can see them tonight at the Vic Slam Team Recording Party:

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Vic Slam Team - Membership

Update: Two of our winning poets Anne Petitclerc and Megan Ann Ward, have had to step off the team to pursue other opportunities. Both poets are touring the country this summer and moving to Montreal in the fall and we wish them all the best!

Filling the 2 vacant spots Matthew Christopher Davidson moves from alternate to core, and is joined on the team by Keenan Proud. Jeremy Loveday becomes the alternate.Come see the (new) new team perform at their first official fundraiser July 21.

Your Vic Slam Team:
Justin McGrail
Scott Thompson
Keenan Proud
Matthew Christopher Davidson
Jeremy Loveday

Missie Peters
Vic Slam Master

Friday, June 17, 2011

Vic Slam Recording Party

It's the first official fundraiser for the Vic Slam Team - and they need your help to get them to Nationals in Toronto.

Come out and be part of the live audience as they record an album - and you'll get to take home a copy too!

Vic Slam Team Recording Party
Thursday, July 21
Cabin 12, 607 Pandora
8pm, only $10 @ door

Facebook event:

Recap of Finals Night

Standing room only in the Victoria Event Centre as the sacrifical poet Tom Fowler (and this is a poet who likes sacrifices...) takes the stage. And does dada. And the crowd loves it, but the judges do not.

And we're off. Poem after poem of blood, sweat and tears left on the stage and the top tweleve poets gave everything they had the crowd went wild. Tough competion and some early favourites didn't make it to the second round: Miss Marie (2x winner), Jeremy Loveday (2x slam team member) and shaye avec i grec (veteran poet).

Young fresh faces filled the second round, with a show-stopping performance from youth slam champion Savannah Rain-McDermott, for a photo-finish for the alternate spot ultimately going to Matthew Christopher Davidson.

Megan Ann Ward took the Slam Champion spot, head and shoulders above the rest in points - although Scott Thompson almost caught up... It was a night of smiles, of cheers and of community.

Well done to ALL the poets in the Finals. Thank you - and see you next year!

Missie Peters
Vic Slam Master

Introducing the Vic Slam Team

Your Victoria Slam Team: Matthew Christopher Davidson, Anne Petitclerc, Justin McGrail, Scott Thompson and your Slam Champion MEGAN ANN WARD!

Here are tonight's scores (checked and double-checked - wink):
Scott Thompson R1: 24.4 R2: 26.5 R3:27.4 Total: 78.3 Place: 2
Matt McKenzie R1: 25.2 R2: 23.9
Jacob Arts R1: 22.9
Justin McGrail R1: 24.3 R2: 25.2 R3: 25.6 Total: 75.1 Place 4
Jeremy Loveday R1: 24.0
Miss Marie R1: 23.4
shayne avec i grec R1: 23.6
Keenan Proud R1: 24.5 R2: 23.2
Anne Petitclerc R1: 25.0 R2: 25.3 R3: 25.5 Total: 75.8 Place: 3
Megan Ann Ward R1: 26.2 R2: 27.7 R3:28.1 Total: 82.0 Place: 1
Matthew Christopher Davidson R1: 24.4 R2: 24.9 Total: 49.3
Savannah McDermott R1: 25.3 R2: 23.3

Recap to be posted tomorrow.

Night all.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Vic Slam Finals - June 16

Wow - This has been THE best slam season ever. More poets than you can shake a stick at. More cheering fans than we have seats and more new beautiful poems.

It was well worth it.

And now we've done the maths (twice, because we're poets and not so good at the maths) and determined the top 12 poets advancing to the VIC SLAM FINALS.

And on June 16 five of them will rise to the top to become the Vic Slam Team.

Who will they be? That's for you to decide.

Vic Slam Finals
June 16, 8pm
$10/$7 students
Victoria Events Centre
1415 Broad St

Event on Facebook:!/event.php?eid=227543953928472

Thursday, May 19, 2011

2011 Slam Season Standings

Slam Standings - you can see there is a tie for 12th place.

According to Rule 14 ( we then go to average cumulative score, and Todd has (49.3+53.4= 51.35) to Anne (55.7+22.6=39.15). Todd Palmer is the 12th poet.

All 12 poets will be invited to Finals. Poets must confirm they are competing. If a poet declines, the place will be offered to the next on the list. Anne is therefore first on the waitlist.

Miss Marie – 6.5 points
Megan Ann Ward - 6 points
Jeremy Loveday - 4.5 points
Scott Thompson - 4 points
Matt McKenzie - 4 points
Shayne Avec I Grec - 3 points
Justin McGrail – 2.5 points
Mother Tareka - 2.5 points
Matthew Christopher Davidson - 2 points
Henry Barron – 2 point
Keenan Proud - 1.5 point
Todd Palmer - 1 point

Anne P. - 1 point
Savannah - 0.5 points
Jacob Arts – 0.5 points

Scores - May Slam

Well it was a last chance slam to remember - and sorry to everyone who wanted to, but couldn't get on the stage tonight. Please head to Tongues of Fire next week and spit the fire that's in your heart there. Thank you for loving poetry.


Justin McGrail - R1: 26.3 R2: 23 Total: 49.3 Place: 5 Points: 0.5
Keenan Proud - R1: 25.7 R2: 24.2 Total: 49.9 Place: 4 Points: 0.5
Henry Barron - R1: 25.7 R2: 25.7 Total: 51.4 Place: 3 Points: 1
Megan Ann Ward - R1: 27.2 R2: 27.4 Total: 54.6 Points: 2
Jeremy Loveday - R1: 27.1 R2: 27.9 Total: 55.0 Points: 4

Updated standings will be posted shortly...

Finals are June 16

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Updated: Standings

Alright - just a quick post with the updated standings for all y'all that hate math:

Miss Marie – 6.5 points
Megan Ann Ward - 4 points
Scott Thompson - 4 points
Matt McKenzie - 4 points
Shayne Avec I Grec - 3 points
Matthew Christopher Davidson - 2 points
Justin McGrail – 2 points
Mother Tareka - 2 points
Keenan Proud - 1 point
Todd Palmer - 1 point
Henry Barron – 1 point
Anne P. - 1 point
Savannah - 0.5 points
Jacob Arts – 0.5 points
Jeremy Loveday - 0.5 points

That means there's 15 poets on the board right now - but only 12 spots for finals. And only one more slam to secure a spot. Hope to see everybody out for this one - May 19.

Last Chance Slam - May

Poets. This... is... your... LAST CHANCE!

To make Finals, that is. There's still room at the top for those lucky enough to make the top three this month - and spots in Finals to claim.

But how do you make it? By coming out with 2 poems to the slam and kicking butt.

Many are called, but few are chosen. See you in a few weeks.

Confirm your attendance now:

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Scores - April Slam

Wow - what a night.

You know, this year Vic Slam wanted to focus on encouraging new poets and strengthening our scene, and tonight proved it. Despite the fact that 5 veterans were out of town for the Vancouver Interational Poetry Festival - there was stiff competition and a first-timer, Matt McKenzie, killed it and took the title by 0.1!

And it was well worth it.

Here are the scores - and the points:
Matt McKenzie - R1: 26.5 R2: 29.4 Total: 55.9 Points: 4
Justin McGrail - R!: 27.1 R2: 28.7 Total: 55.8 Points: 2
Henry Barron - R1: 27.4 R2: 27.0 Total: 54.4 Points: 1
Miss Marie - R1: 27.1 R2: 26.0 Total: 53.1 Points: 0.5
Jacob Arts - R1: 26.4 R2:25.9 Total: 52.3 Points: 0.5


Monday, April 4, 2011

Season Standings

Seeing as we're halfway through the season, I thought it might be worth it to post an update on the standings. Remember we give points for placement (we don't add up scores because the judges change each night).

So far we have 11 poets in the running for finals (and spots for 12):

Miss Marie - 6 points
Megan Ann Ward - 4 points
Scott Thompson - 4 points
Shayne Avec I Grec - 3 points
Matthew Christopher Davidson - 2 points
Mother Tareka - 2 points
Keenan Proud - 1 point
Todd Palmer - 1 point
Anne P. - 1 point
Savannah - 0.5 points
Jeremy Loveday - 0.5 points

Remember - slamming and making the second round at more than one slam is the best way to secure a spot in the finals. So - see you on April 21?

I thought so.

Next Slam April 21

Well, we've sent Jeremy Loveday as our city rep to the Vancouver International Poetry Festival, plus a few other Victorian poets will be storming the stage trying to claim the National Indie title - so that means there's room at the top this month baby!

Plus, remember that there's only 2 more slams before the finals, so if you want a chance at making the team, this is the month to try it.

See you there!

Vic Slam

Thursday, April 21

Cabin 12, 607

Pandora 8pm Show, Sign up at 7:30

Only $5

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Scores -- March Slam...

Hello! Skawt Chonzz here, Fill-in Slam Master for the March Edition of VicSlam. Missie's away in Berlin. Gosh, but that was a St Paddy's Day poetic throwdown not to be missed. I'm all over-stimulated now. What? Oh right, the scores. Here they be, lads n lassies! Loveday and Mother Tareka tied for 5th in the first round, so we had 6 poets go through to round 2, but the final four ended up lookin like ah-so...

Jeremy Loveday R1: 25.4 R2: 28.2 Total: 53.6 Place: 4 Points: 0.5
Anne Petitclerc R1: 28.2 R2: 27.5 Total: 55.7 Place: 3 Points: 1
Shayne Avec I Grec R1: 29.2 R2: 27.2 Total: 56.4 Place: 2 Points: 2
Scott Thompson R1: 27.6 R2: 29.2 Total: 56.8 Place: 1 Points: 4

Congratulations to all the fine performers tonight! It's you and your words and the way that you say them that make VicSlam what it is (ie. awesome)... I was pleased and humbled to help facilitate the space -- physical, mental, spiritual -- that is our beautiful poetry scene! Thanks, too, to all our volunteers and the good folk at Cabin 12 for hosting us. See you next month for VicSlam - April on Thursday the 21st! Missie will be back... I expect sighs of relief, people!

shove and defection...

skawt chonzz

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Victoria Poets head to VIP in April

Well, we knew that Victoria was sending Jeremy Loveday as our Indie Champ to the Vancouver International Poetry Festival (VIP) in April. But we've just found out he's not the only one going from the island...

Both Matthew Christopher Davidson and Megan Ann Ward have been accepted as storm poets in the competition. For the full list of storm poets:

Matthew Christopher Davidson is a member of the 2010 and 2011 Slam Teams and the future artistic director of Tongues of Fire.

Megan Ann Ward is a member of the 2011 Slam Team and the Volunteer Coordinator for Tongues of Fire.

We wish them both, and the Loveday the best of luck!

For more on VIP visit

Friday, February 18, 2011

Guest Host for March Slam

Vic Slam Master Missie Peters is off performing in the Berlin International Improv Festival, so we've asked Tongues of Fire Artistic Director and 2009 Slam Team member Skawt Chonzz to host the Slam.

If you were there at the February Slam where he threw down the most sacrilegious sacrificial poem yet - you'll know the man has chops. It'll be a slam to remember, for sure.

And remember - we only have 12 spots - sign up starts at 7:30. First 5 spots are guaranteed, the rest are by random draw. See you at the slam!
Vic Slam
March 17, 8pm
Cabin 12, 607 Pandora
$5 at the door

Confirm your attendance on our facebook event:

Victoria Spoken Word Festival February 24-26

Following the unbelievable success of the Canadian Festival of Spoken Word that Tongues of Fire hosted in 2009, there's gonna be a brand-new festival in town - the Victoria Spoken Word Festival.

  • 11 poets from across Canada in the Festival Ensemble
  • Vancouver poet Chris Gilpin featuring at Tongues of Fire
  • Poet of Honour RC Weslowski performing Saturday night

There are three shows - but all tickets are at the door - so come early!

Tongues of Fire ft. Chris Gilpin
Thursday, Feb 24, $5
Solstice Cafe, 7:30pm

Awesome Shit Showcase
Friday, Feb 25, $10
Intrepid Theatre Club, 8pm

On the Edge (Festival Ensemble)
Saturday, Feb 26, $10
Intrepid Theatre Club, 8pm

Plus! A special post-festival show hosted by Achievers' Agency featuring Halifax's Tanya Davidson and Edmonton's Mary Pinkowski - Sunday at the Solstice Cafe.
Check out the facebook event:

For more info on the festival visit:

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Scores - February Slam

Another amazing night of poetry, another full roster of poets, another full house of inspired audience members.

There was a tie this month for second, so both poets will be taking second place points. Here are the scores:

Todd Palmer R1: 26.8 R2: 26.6 Total: 53.4 Place: 4 Points: 0.5
Shayne Avec I Grec R1: 27.9 R2: 27.1 Total: 55.0 Place: 3 Points: 1
Matthew Christopher Davidson R1: 27.2 R2: 28.2 Total: 55.4 Place: 2 Points: 2
Miss Marie R1: 26.9 R2: 28.5 Total: 55.4 Place: 2 Points: 2
Megan Ann Ward R1: 27.7 R2: 28.1 Total: 55.8 Place: 1 Points: 4

Next week is the Victoria Spoken Word Festival!

Next Slam: March 17. See you there.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Celebrity Judge at Feb Slam

We've invited Monday Magazine's new Editor, and international best-selling thriller author Grant McKenzie to come and be a celebrity judge at this week's Vic Slam - so come out and give it your best shot. Let's show Grant what a vibrant and exciting community of spoken word we have here in Victoria.

Oh yeah, and there's cash prizes.

Vic Slam
Thursday, Feb 17
Cabin 12, 607 Pandora
$5 @ the door, 7:30 doors

To find out more visit our facebook event page:

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Scores - January

Wow - what a night of brand-new poets on the mic. Thanks everyone for coming out and giving it your best. We had some great contestants in the second round, and the scoring was incredibly close.

The scores are as follows:

Savannah McDermott R1:24.7 R2: 23.7 Total: 48.4 Place: 5 Points: 0.5
Todd Palmer R1: 24.6 R2: 24.7 Total: 49.3 Place: 4 Points: 0.5
Keenan Proud R1: 24.3 R2: 25.6 Total: 49.9 Place: 3 Points: 1
Mother Tareka R1: 24.9 R2: 25.1 Total: 50.0 Place: 2 Points: 2
Miss Marie R1: 24.5 R2: 26.3 Total: 50.8 Place: 1 Points: 4

See what I mean? Close.

See you next month, Feb 17, for the next slam!

Monday, January 17, 2011


Listen in to Vic Slam Master Missie Peters and 3-time Slam Team member Jane Bee as they talk with CFUV's Women on Air about what is Slam?, how competiton makes us better poets and tips on strategy to get the maximum out of your performance.


Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Vic Slam January 20

We're starting 2011 off with a bang - well a slam really - with our first slam of the season. And you're invited.
If you've ever thought about maybe getting up on the stage and having random audience members judge your poetry - this is the year you should take that leap, jump on stage and rock the house.
Why? Because this year Vic Slam is giving away cash prizes to the top three poets of each night.

Vic Slam
Thursday, January 20
Cabin 12, 607 Pandora
Doors @ 7:30, $5 at the door

For more details check out the event on facebook: