Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Slam Scores for the Season So Far!

Hello all. Skawt here, with the scores for the current season of Vic Slam! As you may know already, we are only one slam away from the Finals. Basically it's the May Edition and then in June, the Finals. That's it. Two more slams. Goes fast, don't it? So, in the interest of re-establishing some kinda current feel to the blog (we know it's been sketchy lately, update-wise and for that, our apologies) and to foster a degree of excitement in competitors and audience alike, here, quite literally, is the score(s)...


January Edition

Jeremy Loveday: 55.5

Jane Bee: 55.2

Dave Morris: 53.9

Justin Illien: 53.2

Jen Jones: 53.0

February Edition

Kristy Westendorp: 55.9

Steve Thompson: 52.6

Megan Ann Ward: 52.1
Brad B.: 48.7
Jen Jones: 46.9

March Edition
Dave Morris: 52.0
Jeremy Loveday: 50.6
Justin Illien: 50.6
Megan Ann Ward: 49.8
Jen Jones: 44.0

April Edition

Dave Morris: 53.4

Justin Illien: 50.8

Megan Ann Ward: 50.4

Derek Ford: 49.7

Wes Lord: 47.6

For the Finals in June, placement will be established in this manner: if during the regular season (January through May) you took either first or second place at any slam, you will be in the Finals. However, considering the relatively low turn-out of competing poets and the dominating juggernaut that is a few of those poets (looking in your direction Morris, Loveday, etc.), this will likely not give us the 12 competitors we need for Finals. So, to fill out the competition, we will then be ranking poets according to their accumulated scores over the season.

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