Thursday, March 17, 2011

Scores -- March Slam...

Hello! Skawt Chonzz here, Fill-in Slam Master for the March Edition of VicSlam. Missie's away in Berlin. Gosh, but that was a St Paddy's Day poetic throwdown not to be missed. I'm all over-stimulated now. What? Oh right, the scores. Here they be, lads n lassies! Loveday and Mother Tareka tied for 5th in the first round, so we had 6 poets go through to round 2, but the final four ended up lookin like ah-so...

Jeremy Loveday R1: 25.4 R2: 28.2 Total: 53.6 Place: 4 Points: 0.5
Anne Petitclerc R1: 28.2 R2: 27.5 Total: 55.7 Place: 3 Points: 1
Shayne Avec I Grec R1: 29.2 R2: 27.2 Total: 56.4 Place: 2 Points: 2
Scott Thompson R1: 27.6 R2: 29.2 Total: 56.8 Place: 1 Points: 4

Congratulations to all the fine performers tonight! It's you and your words and the way that you say them that make VicSlam what it is (ie. awesome)... I was pleased and humbled to help facilitate the space -- physical, mental, spiritual -- that is our beautiful poetry scene! Thanks, too, to all our volunteers and the good folk at Cabin 12 for hosting us. See you next month for VicSlam - April on Thursday the 21st! Missie will be back... I expect sighs of relief, people!

shove and defection...

skawt chonzz

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  1. Greetings

    That was our first slam and we all loved it. Looking back at what was presented, I am now relieved I didn't get up. Next time thou, I will have a decent string link Haiku ready.

    Cheers and thanks for the fun you hosted