Monday, April 4, 2011

Season Standings

Seeing as we're halfway through the season, I thought it might be worth it to post an update on the standings. Remember we give points for placement (we don't add up scores because the judges change each night).

So far we have 11 poets in the running for finals (and spots for 12):

Miss Marie - 6 points
Megan Ann Ward - 4 points
Scott Thompson - 4 points
Shayne Avec I Grec - 3 points
Matthew Christopher Davidson - 2 points
Mother Tareka - 2 points
Keenan Proud - 1 point
Todd Palmer - 1 point
Anne P. - 1 point
Savannah - 0.5 points
Jeremy Loveday - 0.5 points

Remember - slamming and making the second round at more than one slam is the best way to secure a spot in the finals. So - see you on April 21?

I thought so.

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