Tuesday, September 13, 2011

New Season Reminders

Hello old and new and yet-to-be slammers!

For the first time ever, Vic Slam is starting in September (September 15), which means twice as many slams in the regular season to try to make that Finals stage. Here are some changes and reminders for competition:

1) No Repeat rule still stands - No repeats through the regular season (September-May). This is to encourage you as artists to write new stuff! You CAN repeat poems from last season. And of course anything goes Finals Night.

2) All Random Draw - due to demand (and pushing and shoving and gnashing of teeth) ALL 12 spots will be random draw to start the season (last season 5 were guaranteed). This format will be reviewed if necessary in December.

3) Be Part of the Community - We need volunteers! If you'd like to help out on door, or sound, or help organize, we'd love to have you on board. Talk to Missie or Keenan at the Slam.

All other rules stay the same from last season - to review check out this link:

Happy Slamming!

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