Thursday, October 20, 2011

Vic Slam - October 20

A huge thank you to Dave Morris for hosting the slam this month. And great to see so many new faces on the slam stage. Keep it up poets! We've got a great season ahead of us.

Congratulations to first-time winner Jacob Arts!

Here are the scores:
Mack R1: 25.8
Russ R1: 24.0
Steve Ray Orr R1: 25.0
Sam Hall R1: 25.1
Rick Leif R1: 26.4 R2: 27.6 Total: 54.0 Place: 5th Points: 0.5
Tom Fowler R1: 26.0
Esge R1: 24.5
Jacob Arts R1: 28.6 R2: 28.4 Place: 1st Points: 4
Scott Jones R1: 28.4 R2: 28.3 Place: 2nd Points: 2
Keenan Proud R1: 27.7 R2: 28.8 Place: 3rd Points: 1
Lisa Vauldain R1:23.6
Miss Marie R1: 26.7 R2: 27.6 Place: 4th Points: 0.5

See you at the next slam, November 17.

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