Thursday, October 11, 2012

CFSW Saskatoon: The Last Word UPDATE

Saskatoon Update!

Hey everyone!  Just a quick post about how the current Vic Slam team is doing in Saskatoon.

Two preliminary bouts are under the team's belt. 

Tuesday night the team slammed in a match that had Calgary, Missassauga, and Ottawa's Urban Legends.  It was incredibly close, but with the help of Jacob's poem Take A Shot-turned quartet team piece-Victoria was able to squeek out a win.  It was incredibly close, but Victoria took it with a score of 101.3.  (.3 higher than Calgary, talk about close!)

The second bout happened Thursday night.  In another hard hitting night of competition that featured London, Toronto (TPS), and Regina, Victoria was once again able to come out with a win.  The group decided to take a risk, and opted to perform only solo pieces, a decision that paid off as they were once again able to come out on top.  It was an incredible bout, that included a performance by our own Jeremy Loveday, that was described on Twitter as one of "the best poems we've ever seen him do." - TPS.  Matthew Christopher Davidson closed the night off, and sealed the win for the team.

With two 1st place finishes the team has earned a spot in one of two Semi-Final bouts.  They will be taking the stage Friday night at 7pm.  Joining them will once again be TPS, as well as Toronto's other team "Up From The Roots", and Guelph! 

Be sure to follow @VicPoetrySlam on Twitter to stay up to date with the team.  You can even follow the action more closely on Twitter by following #CFSW12.  The always wonderful Rose Jang is here, and live tweeting results after every poem.

Thank you all so much! This is the furthest a Victoria team has ever made it, and we're not through yet! 

Much love to you all back home!

-Vic Slam
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