Saturday, January 19, 2013

Post January Slam Blog Post, and Updated Season Standings

Updated Season Standings

Thursday night was a pretty incredible evening, with a crazy twist ending that no one expected, but in some ways, surprised no one!  Congratulations to our tied-for-first-Dope-Boys Johnny Macrae, and shayne avec i grec!

Huge thanks to Keenan Proud and his crew for his fantastic volunteer work.  If you are interested in helping out at Tongues of Fire or Vic Slam, he is the one to talk to, and he would very much like to hear from you!

Big thank you to Catherine for stepping up and filling in for Rose by capturing our January Slam on video.  You can expect those videos to be uploaded in the next couple of weeks!

We had a great crowd, and a stellar sacrifice as well! Thanks Missie!

Without further ado, here are the scores for the night, and an updated look at the current season standings.

Round 1
S: Missie Peters - 25.1
Tom Fowler - 20
Time - 23.8
Pam - 25.9
Jeremy Loveday - 26.6
shayne avec i grec - 27.2
Keenan - 25.7
Erin Cotton - 24.7
Jacob Arts - 24.6
Johnny Macrae - 27.3

Round 2
Johnny Macrae - 26.9 - 54.2 1st
shayne avec i grec - 27 - 54.2  1st   
Jeremy Loveday - 27.4 - 53.6 3rd 
Pam - 25.2 - 51.1 - 4th                     
Keenan - 24.8 - 50.5 5th                  

Current Season Standings

Jeremy Loveday - 5 points
Johnny Macrae - 4 points
shayne avec i grec - 4 points
Steven J Thompson - 4 points
Savannah - 4 points
Keenan Proud - 3.5 points
Erin Cotton - 3 points
Audrey Cockett - 2.5 points
Matthew Christopher Davidson - 1 point
Pam Stewart - 1 point
Tom Fowler - .5 point
Aysia Law - .5 point
Portia Elan - .5 point

There you have it folks!  Next month our slam is happening on Febuary 21st. There are three regular slams left in the season!  Dates for Semi-finals and Finals in May will be announced soon! So stay tuned!

Don't forget to Follow Vic Slam on Twitter, and subscribe to our YouTube Channel to see those videos as soon as they get posted!  Until next time!

-Vic Slam

email the slam master: Scott Thompson
Follow us on twitter: @vicpoetryslam

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