Sunday, January 5, 2014

November Slam Results

Oh my, there is so much to catch up on!

If you recall, October was a crazy month for us poets.  The events were non-stop, the Slam Team was fundraising like mad, and no one was fully functioning because the 2Dopes were out of town!  October results will be posted soon, I promise you, but instead of keeping you waiting any longer, I thought I'd throw up the November, December, and Indies results!

November Slam:
1st shayne
2nd Pam
3rd Audrey
4th Annie
5th Erin

Round One
Johnny Macrae: 24.7
Kennan Proud: 20.1
Pam Stewart: 27.1
shayne avec i grec: 27.0
Erin Cotton: 26
Audrey Lane Cockett: 27.0
Annie: 26.2

Round Two
Pam: 28.4
Audrey: 28.2
Shayne: 29.5
Annie: 28.5
Erin: 28.2

*final tallies of season standings to come once October scores are posted

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