Saturday, May 31, 2014

2014 Vic Slam Finals -Results

jubilation and sadness, folks.
our slam season has wrapped up, and that's sad. what will we all do on Thursdays!?
and our venue, the Solstice cafe, which has been an anchor, has grown too small for us, like a pair of shoes on a 3 year old. we say the shoes are too small, but we mean the child's feet are growing and it's a very confusing notion, isn't it? we're seeking out a somewhat larger venue and we'll let you know where it is once that is sorted.

jubilation is also in our hearts because last night, May 30, 2014, a new Slam Team was born. ah, and it was a beautiful birth. there was a lot of heart at the VEC last night. if you weren't there, well, find someone who was and ask them for some of the glorious details. there was many a beautiful moment.

and the team, you wonder, who is on the Team?
here we go -
in order from first place to fifth place-

Erin Cotton!
Jeremy Loveday!
Elysia Glover!
Annie Lepage!
and Scott Thompson!

well i was there and i saw what they did, i saw it with my own 2 eyes-  and they each deserve huge congratulations.

bet you can't wait for October. Victoria is hosting the 2014 Canadian Festival of Spoken Word this year. the dates for that are October 13th to 18th, and you're all gonna wanna be at Alix Goolden on October 18th, trust me on this. 

check Tongues of Fire on facebook for events for summer 2014.
we're working on that.

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