Saturday, July 12, 2014

Anarchy Slam Results- July 9th 2014

Hello Poets and Audience Alike,

Unexpectedly, here are the results of the Anarchy Slam.

Rules were broken. Props were used. A head was bared. Cover poems/lines were recited. Steven Wright was quoted. Some poets were other poets. Others went overtime. One poet broke the rules by not coming to the stage or even being in the building- how crazy is that?

It was sort of chaos, but not really, as Erin Cotton did her usual fine job of hosting, breaking the rules by liking the poets and their works, and also by covering a poem containing the words Lady Lazarus.

These are the scores, likely mis-spelled and mis-heard.
(Pam sacrificed herself with her party girl piece)

Scott- 'cuddling jisme'
Max- 'angry Tiberius rabbits'
Margaret- 'head pea'
Keenan- 'soviet ninja turtles'
Katherine- 'Sherry is caring'
Dan- 'a big Waldo sandwich'
Jacob- 'scooby snacks'
Justin-'-' (no score for the man who wasn't there)
Tom- 'Tom Arts fuzzy ribcage'
Annie- 'the end of times is the best of times'
Kevin- 'puppy dreams'
Eva- 'light speed Danny Devito'
Elysia- 'were-wolf bro-dick'

Personally, since this is anarchy and I can be personal for once, my favourite line of the night was when Erin called out- 'Is that my beer?!'
Hope to see you all again on Wednesday August 27th at Lacey Lou's.
You're a fine bunch of persons.

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