Thursday, May 28, 2015

May 21st, and the Vic Slam Team 2015 is...

Here we go!

We had us a Slam finals at the Ambrosia Centre this year.
110 people witnessed the event.

The competing poets were, in no order-

Maita Cienska
Aaron Simm
Annie LePage
Matthew Christopher Davidson
Rylan Boothman
Shahin Mohammadi
Zoe Duhaime
Max D'Ambrosio

2 rounds - 3 minute poems
and we had a tie for first place!
Yes, and Aaron Simm and Maita Cienska tied for first place with 55.1 points each, with the exact same 2 scores, which led to the first poem-off ever to determine Victoria's Grand Slam Champion, where Aaron won the rock paper scissors, and the round!

Huge congratulations to Aaron Simm, Maita Cienska, Max D'Ambrosio, Rylan Boothman and Shahin Mohammadi, our 2015 Vic Slam Team from all of us here at the Victoria Poetry Project.

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