Thursday, May 17, 2018

Last Chance Slam Results

Hello All,

It's the end of May and we had our last regular slam of the season last night at Caffe Fantastico.
This means many things, but let's start with results from the May 16th Slam.

Marie Metaphor- 28.5+27.9 = 56.4
there is a flat grey roof in the rain/he's out delivering-quiet-blue smoke
Neko- 26.8+28.5=55.3
penguins/six circular confessions
when i learned that i had it in me to kill/knife, knife, where is your 'k'?
Sarah Jane-26.3+28.1=54.4
letter to my father(queer actor)/what to do when experiencing a loss
we meet in the morning/i'm about to tell you something
i've been told that teenagers shouldn't write love poems
i like to google myself
ode to a narcissist
my first Valentine's Day Heart

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