Thursday, May 31, 2018

2018 Vic Slam Team!

Oh Wow, What a Night!

Here are the scores for the May 30 2018 Vic Slam Finals at the VEC.

Olivia Kompier-28.1+28.4+28.7=85.2
Marie Metaphor-28.2+28.2+28.8=85.2
Hilly Ville-27.7+28.4+28.6=84.7
Dana Neily-27.7+27.8+29.1=84.6
SJ Valiquette-28.5+27.5+28.5=84.5
Juniper-Mae Gittens-27.6+27.4+29.2=84.2
Jenna North-25.8+28.3+28.2=82.3

Congratulations to Olivia, Marie, Hilly and Dana, the 2018 Vic Slam Team!

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