Wednesday, January 21, 2009


So the poetry powers that be got together and were like "Hey dudes, I think it's seriously time to think about having more poetry in Victoria. People are thirsty for it... they're hungry... they're, dare I say, horny for poetry. We have to give them what they want. Which is clearly more poetry!" THEREFORE... it has been decreed that any Thursday of the month you can swing by Solstice and there will be poetry being thrown down. (Unless it's one of those weird months where there are five Thursdays, then you're on your own.) We have added an extra slam to the first Thursday of the month so swing by to judge, compete or watch any first or third Thursday and of course, Tongues of Fire will continue with its regularly scheduled time every second and fourth Thursday at 7:30.

In celebration this very odd poster has been crafted to celebrate the good news.
Slam Poster

Also, it has been loosely decided how semi-finals and finals will go down to determine the slam team and how we will decide who will make it to finals. We're just tightening the last few nuts and bolts, dotting some t's and crossing some i's, pulling up the carpet and putting in hardwood floors, throwing the baby out with the bathwater, biting off our noses to spite our faces, etc. It shouldn't take long. Stay tuned.

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