Friday, May 1, 2009

Semi-Final Competitors

Here are your 2009 Semi-finalists:

Dave Morris
Kat Eschner
Marla O'Marla
Matthew Christopher Davidson
Meisha Lily
Missie Peters
Ryefield Ford
Skawt Chonzz
Tom Fowler
Vicky Philibert

What was the critieria for qualifying?
Slam winners were automatically advanced to the Semi-Finals. There were 4 competitors who won slams in the regular season.

The other 8 competitors were decided based on 1)making it into the second round in at least 1 slam 2)having competed in at least 2 slams.

See you next Thursday for the Semis!

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  1. Kristy, if we dont hear from you by the end of this week (Friday) we're going to have to give the Holga to our runner up. please contact us ASAP