Tuesday, November 9, 2010

SpoCan Code of Honour

SpoCan has created a new Code of Honour that all poets at the national level are required to abide by.

We liked it so much that we're going to make it part of our Victoria Slam. Competing poets will have to sign that they agree to the following:

As a participant in Vic Slam, a SpoCan event, I understand and agree:

1. To revel in an environment in which freedom of speech, self-determination, and pursuit of creative excellence are inalienable rights.

2. To participate in a way that encourages, illuminates and supports established standards of good sportsmanship.

3. To refuse to allow the competitive challenge of the game to lead me to violence, interference, direct or indirect threats.

4. To allow all participants to pursue their craft peacefully and without censure, regardless of present associations or past personal history.

5. To comply with local, provincial and federal laws pertaining to individual civil rights and physical or sexual harassment.

6. To abide by all SpoCan rules, regulations, procedures and policies, including this Code of Honour, knowing that consequences for breaking the rules/code exist and will be upheld.

Of course, Rule Number One (http://vicpoetryslam.blogspot.com/2010/11/2011-slam-rules.html) will ALWAYS be adhered to. Free speech is an important part of the slam. We just want to encourage good sportsmanship as well.

If you have any questions or comments contact Vic Slam at vicpoetryslam@gmail.com

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