Friday, June 17, 2011

Recap of Finals Night

Standing room only in the Victoria Event Centre as the sacrifical poet Tom Fowler (and this is a poet who likes sacrifices...) takes the stage. And does dada. And the crowd loves it, but the judges do not.

And we're off. Poem after poem of blood, sweat and tears left on the stage and the top tweleve poets gave everything they had the crowd went wild. Tough competion and some early favourites didn't make it to the second round: Miss Marie (2x winner), Jeremy Loveday (2x slam team member) and shaye avec i grec (veteran poet).

Young fresh faces filled the second round, with a show-stopping performance from youth slam champion Savannah Rain-McDermott, for a photo-finish for the alternate spot ultimately going to Matthew Christopher Davidson.

Megan Ann Ward took the Slam Champion spot, head and shoulders above the rest in points - although Scott Thompson almost caught up... It was a night of smiles, of cheers and of community.

Well done to ALL the poets in the Finals. Thank you - and see you next year!

Missie Peters
Vic Slam Master

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