Monday, November 21, 2011

Season Standings

As next month is the Indies, and the end of 2011, I thought it might be useful to check on our season standings.

First, I'd like to thank everyone for supporting the slams this fall. It was the first time we've started this early in the season, and I think with 11 poets over 3 slams making the second round it's been an unqualified success!

So, without further ado - the standings so far:
Jacob Arts with 4.5
Tied for SECOND: Mak Konwick, Matthew Christopher Davidson and Jeremy Loveday with 4.0
Skawt Chonzz with 2.5
Keenan Proud with 2.0
Tied for FOURTH: Dave Morris, Marie Specht, Kaizan and Rick Lief with 0.5

That's a lot of ties, and a good reminder that the more you slam, the more you make the second round, the higher your standing will be. So start practicing.

And reminder that the Indies DO NOT count towards your standings. It is a separate and invitation only event.

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