Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Slam Scores - January 19

Sorry this came out a little bit late! Congratulations to Scott Thompson for winning the January 19 Vic Slam! Here are the final scores:

Round 1 
Katie Penty22
Hil Sommerville26.6
Scott Thompson26.9
Tyler B24.4
Tom Fowler25.8
Savannah Raine26.3
Jeremy Loveday27.2
Justin McGrail26.6
Keenan Proud26.7
Round 2 
Hil Sommerville27.8
Scott Thompson28
Jeremy Loveday27.6
Justin McGrail22.3
Keenan Proud25.6
Final Scores 
Hil Sommerville54.4
Scott Thompson54.9
Jeremy Loveday54.8
Justin McGrail48.9
Keenan Proud52.3

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