Friday, February 10, 2012

Updated Season Standings!

Poetry Fans! All season poets have been battling for a spot in finals. These are the updated standings:

1.Jeremy Loveday 6.0 points
2.Jacob Arts 4.5 points
3.Mak Konwick 4 points
3.Matthew Christopher Davidson 4 points
3 Scott Thompson 4 points
6.Skawt Chonzz 2.5 points
6.Keenan Proud 2.5 points
8.Hilly Sommerville 1 point
9.Dave Morris .5 points
9.Marie Specht .5 pooints
9.Kaizan .5 points
9.Rick Lief .5 points
9.Justin McGrail .5 points

Don't miss your chance to get some points! This Thursday, Feb 16th @ Cabin 12 on Pandora. 8pm.

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