Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Updated Standings

Alright folks, We've got two slams left in the regular season! So far, Mak Konwick is running away with the lead. Will he be able to keep his winning streak alive? Find out this Thursday at Discovery Coffee! :// Check out the facebook event for more details /

1.Mak Konwick 12 Points
2.Jeremy Loveday 6.0 points
3.Matthew Christopher Davidson 6.0 points
4. Jacob Arts 5 points
5.Scott Thompson 4 points
6.Skawt Chonzz 2.5 points
6.Keenan Proud 2.5 points
8.Amy Ponderchuk 2 points
8. Aaron Cotton 2 Points
10.Hilly Sommerville 1 point
11.Dave Morris .5 points
11.Marie Specht .5 points
11.Kaizan .5 points
11.Rick Leaf .5 points
11.Justin McGrail .5 points
11.Katie Penty .5 points
11.Savannah Rain Mcdermott .5 points
11. Kathleen .5 points

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