Friday, April 20, 2012

Season Standings with 1 Qualifying Slam Remaining

Last night's slam at Discovery Coffee was perhaps the most intimate slam we've had as part of the Vic Slam series. The space was cozy, wooden, and filled with poetry hungry folks. The poets performed without a mic and it really felt like a barrier was removed and the whole night became more like a conversation. Loh-El from Ottawa was our special surprise feature!

The Top 5 poets of the evening were:
1. Justin McGrail
2. Savannah Rain Mcdermott
3. Jeremy Loveday
3. Tyler B
5. Keenan Proud

Season Standings with 1 Qualifying Slam remaining:

1.Mak Konwick 12 Points
2.Jeremy Loveday 7.0 points
3.Matthew Christopher Davidson 6.0 points
4. Jacob Arts 5 points
5.Justin McGrail 4.5 points
6.Scott Thompson 4 points
7.Keenan Proud 3.0 points
8.Savannah Rain Mcdermott 2.5 points
8.Skawt Chonz 2.5 points
10.Amy Ponderchuk 2 points
10.Aaron Cotton 2 Points
12.Hilly Sommerville 1 point
12.Tyler B 1 Point
14.Dave Morris .5 points
14.Marie Specht .5 points
14.Kaizan .5 points
14.Rick Leaf .5 points
14.Katie Penty .5 points
14. Kathleen .5 points

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