Monday, May 21, 2012

Wow!  What  a year. We held slams at 3 venues, had more competitors than ever, and started our season 3 months earlier than any previous year. Our 2012 finalists include some familiar faces including all of last year's slam team and some new faces that are hungry to represent Victoria at the Canadian Festival of Spoken Word in Saskatoon.  The show is going to be off the hook!  Don't miss here for details.

Top 5 from our May slam were:
1.Scott Thompson
2.Kyeren Regehr
3.Mak Conway
4.Amy Culliford
5.Amara MacFarlane

Final Standings for the 2011-2012 season:
1.Mak Konwick 13 Points
2.Scott Thompson 8 points
3.Jeremy Loveday 7.0 points
4..Matthew Christopher Davidson 6.0 points
5. Jacob Arts 5 points
6.Justin McGrail 4.5 points
7.Keenan Proud 3.0 points
8.Savannah Rain Mcdermott 2.5 points
9..Amy Ponderchuk 2 points
9..Erin Cotton 2 Points
9.Kyeren Regehr 2 points
12..Hilly Sommerville 1 point
______________________________________Cut off for finals
12.Tyler B 1 Point (moved out of Victoria)
14.Dave Morris .5 points
14.Marie Specht .5 points
14.Kaizan .5 points
14.Rick Leaf .5 points
14.Katie Penty .5 points
14. Kathleen .5 points
14. Amara McFarlane .5
14. Amy Culliford .5
*Skawt Chonz 2.5 points has dropped out of the competition.

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