Thursday, September 26, 2013

Welcome to the '13/'14 Season!

Hi All!

Morgan here, with a hearty "Welcome Back!" to a new season of Vicslam! I'm looking forward to a roof-busting fantastic year, and based on last week's first slam, I wont be disappointed! I’m excited to be supporting all our poets throughout the season, as I take up the score tabulation sheet of honour as your new slam master; I’ll be here to provide the slamswers for all your questions, concerns and queries, and meet any slam-related needs you may have. Many thanks to everyone for being so welcoming as I start off- especially Scott Thompson, who is being a tremendous support as I find my feet. Thanks Scott!  He’s stepping off the hot spot, but he'll still be around, helping out, slamming, being his generally awesome self.

Last week we had our first slam of the season, and it was an excellent way to get out of the gates! Congratulations to Matthew for taking the night, and to all the poets who got on stage- especially to the new faces! Thanks to Tom, Katie, Erin, Scott, and Solstice for making the night happen.

Now then, how 'bout some scores!

Round One

Eddie- 20.8
Ralph- 26.1
Kathleen- 24.1
Erin- 24.2
Cassidy- 22.5
Jacob- 27.5
Matthew- 29.3
Audry- 28.2
Will- 25.8

Round Two

Will- 26.7- 52.5 4th
Audry- 24.4- 52.6 3rd
Jacob- 27.1- 54.6 2nd
Ralph- 24.6- 50.7 5th
Matthew- 27.9- 57.2 1st

Current Season Standings

Matthew- 4 points
Jacob- 2 points
Audry- 1 point
Ralph- 0.5 points
Will- 0.5 points

Next month's slam will be October 17. See you there!

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