Thursday, February 27, 2014

February 2014 Slam Results

Hello everyone,

First off, a round of applause for the poets who put themselves out there and compete in all and any of the slams. You are inspirational and we the audience appreciate each and every one of you.

Secondly, a big thank you to the Solstice Cafe and staff for looking after us all so well.

Thirdly, as a newcomer to this scene, I just want to say here how hugely impressed I am by all the volunteer power that makes the Slams and Tongues of Fire and the other events come together so cohesively. Thank you each and every one.

And lastly, the results from the February 20th, 2014 Slam-

1st-Jeremy Loveday
2nd-Johnny MacRae
3rd-Sam Faraday
4th-Audrey Lane Cockett    
5th-Max Cekota

Until next time. Margaret

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  1. dear ms. meticulous: you are a goddess. poetrylove, p. dot