Friday, March 21, 2014

March 2014 Slam

Hello All,
It's coming up to the end of March which means there is just one slam left, in April of course, before the semi-finals and finals in May!

Last night was another wonderful and loud evening at our fine host cafe. The most beautiful person in the room, Jacob Arts, hosted and there were words, like, everywhere. Also numbers, of course, as it was a Slam. I had my first experience of keeping track of those numbers as the official scorekeeper (while Julia did her regular spectacular job of timekeeping).
I, ahem, need to insert an apology here. In my rush to tally the 2 rounds, I made a small mistake and the 4th and 5th place positions were mixed up. Not meticulous of me at all. Time crunches stress me out, but I did enjoy my new little job and will try to get better at it.
Without further ado, the places for last nights lovely poets.
(Oh, and if I spell any of your names wrong, I do apologize! Please either add a comment or come see me at the Solstice Cafe any Thursday evening and I will make the appropriate corrections.)
Hope to see you all at the Solstice soon!

1st - Keenan Proud
2nd - Elysia
3rd - Erin Cotton
4th - Tom Fowler
5th - Kieran (aka Peter)

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