Friday, May 13, 2016

Moving on to Finals

We've held our 2 semi-finals this year and we're moving on to finals, next week at Ambrosia.

Semi-Finals 1 included-

Jeremy Loveday
Annie Lepage
Kathleen Miniely
Aaron Simm
Erin Cotton
Matthew Christopher Davidson
and Tanya Christie.

Semi-Finals 2 included-
Scott Thompson
Daniel Belkin
Dana Neily
Tom Fowler
Pamela Stewart
Catherine Garrett
and Marie Metaphor.

From our first semis, at Northern Quarter, we have
Aaron Simm
Erin Cotton
Jeremy Loveday
and Tanya Christie moving forward.

From our second semis, at Fernwood, we have
Marie Metaphor
Pamela Stewart
Daniel Belkin
and Dana Neily moving forward.

Who's excited about finals night at Ambrosia Centre at 638 Fisgard?!

Next week, doors at 7:30.
Show starts at 8:00.

Our feature will be Johnny Trinh!

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