Monday, November 9, 2009

CFSW Speaks Out: Sheri-D Wilson

Last year she ran the whole show, this year she's one of the top features. We sat down with the Mama of Dada herself, Sheri-D Wilson, and got her to share a few thoughts about the Canadian Festival of Spoken Word...

CFSW: Last year CFSW was in Calgary and you were the festival director. How does it feel coming to be a feature performer this year?

SD: Great! And I look forward to seeing everyone.

You are hosting/festuring at CFSW's first-ever Erotica Show. What can people expect from you in terms poetic sexiness?

If expectations are necessary – then I think, expect the ridiculous, the absurd…there’s nothing more erotic than humour.

You're a mover and shaker in the world of Canadian Spoken Word, how would you describe the importance of CFSW to the evolution and community of Spoken Word?

The CFSW brings the Slam Community together to share – poetry and ideas in a peaceful forum – supportive - and to learn.

This is rare

And will continue to expand

The possibilities of Spoken Word

As the oldest tradition and the newest form

Of poetry and performance

This form has a life of its own

Always changing


You've been called the mama of dada. How would you describe your performance style?

In a state of discovery

Finally, the Dating Game question: If your poetry was a chinese fortune cookie, what would the fortune be?

Eros with a Beat.

Sheri-D Wilson will be hosting the Erotica Show Wednesday night at the Victoria Event Centre, and performing in the women's showcase on Thursday at 3:30. For information about all shows at CFSW 09 visit our website

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